Fujifilm Camera: How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures?

Last updated: Jan. 18, 2017

When it comes to travel, my code is simple - if I can't carry my Fujifilm FinePix, I won't go. You should sense how much I love using my Fuji camera. Indeed, it's a great point-and-shoot compact that empowers me to shoot all kind of great photographs. But there is one thing I hate to see — precious pictures got deleted by accident.

It has happened to me several times, one was when I accidentally erased all photos after a quick format, the other day the card was corrupt, and all pics became inaccessible.

Fortunately, I was able to salvage my files. In this article I'm going to show you how to perform photo recovery on a Fujifilm digital camera (SD card).

Please Note: there is no 100% guarantee that you'll recover all your pictures, due to the nature of data recovery. I'll explain.

Things You'll Need:

  • Your Fujifilm camera (with a memory card)
  • A card reader/adapter, or your camera USB cable
  • A digital photo recovery software (see our review)
  • Wi-Fi or Internet connection

First things first: stop taking more photos

The moment you realize you have deleted some pictures off your Fuji camera, make sure the card is no longer used — that means you should try your best to avoid writing any new data to it, whether in the camera or on a computer. Why? Because the data contained in your lost pictures are not wiped immediately when you simply delete them or format the card, instead, only the space those data original occupy is now marked free to be taken by new files. If you continue using your Fuji card, chances are your old data will be overwritten. If that happens, you will lose the pictures forever.

Once again, if you want to increase the chances of recovering your Fujifilm camera photos, be sure not to take additional photos until you retrieve the data. Also, if you can, better remove the card from your camera and put it into a dry, plastic bag.

Fuji Photo Recovery Software

Then you'll need to use a third-party photo recovery program. One of the best software is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery — I've tried many other tools myself, and this one worked amazingly well. The program itself is very intuitive for computer novice, and a quick scan will find a lot of recoverable images. You can then preview and save the found items.

Below is detailed step by step tutorial.

Guide to Recovering Pictures from a Fujifilm Camera

Step 1: Connect your Fuji camera card to a computer (either PC or Mac is fine). You can do so by using a card reader or the standard USB cable that comes with your camera.

Step 2: Download Stellar Photo Recovery and install it on your computer. Note: make sure you choose the right version that's compatible with your computer (Windows, macOS).

Step 3: Launch the software. Click the big blue button to begin. Then select the drive that represents your Fuji card. Click Scan Now to start the scanning process.

Step 4: Wait until the scan is complete (usually within a few minutes). You should be able to see a list of files displayed on the left menu, in a tree format. Navigate to preview these items to see if your Fuji pics are there.

Step 5: Recover your deleted or lost photos. Save them to another destination, e.g. somewhere on your computer hard drive.

Your feedback

Did you find the above guide and tips useful? Have you managed to restore deleted/lost images from your Fujifilm camera? Either way, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. The stellar phoenix photo recovery ran but when I looked for my fujifilm camera on the screen you select the drive in I did not see my camera. I’m not sure why it cannot detect it I connected my camera with the USB it came with and it was detected by the computer but not this software.


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