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I love teaching, and I’m enthusiastic about technology. When one of my colleagues (also a K-12 teacher) reached out and asked me to compile a list of educational technology tools, I said “that sounds like a fantastic idea.”

A quick research reveals that there isn’t a lack of EdTech tools on the Internet. In fact, there are tons of them. However, many of them are outdated, superficial, or commercial. Also, I strongly feel implementing tech tools is not enough, and there has to be quality content and continuous learning — which are most likely achievable only by involving yourself in the communities.

Therefore, I figured it would be great to curate a comprehensive list of the web’s best EdTech resources that classroom teachers can really benefit from. That is what this resource guide has to offer: featuring a collection of tools, bloggers, conferences, social communities, and more.

If you are also a teacher or a supporter of education technology, the best way to show your appreciation is to share this guide with others who may be interested in the topic. Also, if you find a resource dated or came across a new useful resource, please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

Disclosure: Neither AnySoftwareTools nor I am affiliated or sponsored by any of the persons or organizations mentioned in this article. All listings have been carefully reviewed by myself, and I decide to include them because they are helpful.

Chapter 1: Software & Web Tools

EdTech is the use of technology in the form of hardware, software, and the Internet to enhance learning, pedagogy, and instruction. These resources will help you get an idea of the tools you can leverage to make teaching more effective and efficient.

Chapter 2: Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are trendy these years and they are introduced into classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Innovative mobile developers have been creating apps to take the experience to a new level. Below you’ll find some great apps recommended for teachers, by teachers!

Chapter 3: EdTech Blogs

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking to connect with other like-minded peers, or you’re teaching a class for the first time, follow these edtech blogs that continue to be sources of inspiration for us. You’ll find both professional organizations and passionate individuals dedicated to talking about education, technology, life tips, and much more.

Chapter 4: EdTech Books

Books are still the best and wildest source of knowledge in the 21st century. These articles cover the greatest books related to EdTech or education in general. There are a lot of good books for educators out there, make sure you perform your due diligence before investing.

Chapter 5: Online Teaching Platforms

More and more schools and teachers are embracing online courses for students to learn. There are a lot of debates on what online education platforms can and can’t do. Regardless, here are some free and paid technology platforms for teaching courses online.

Chapter 6: Social Media Communities

Social networking is another way for teachers to mix with like-minded educators from all over the world. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be used both for personal and professional means. Below are some of the best EdTech social media groups and communities worth joining.

Chapter 7: Events & Conferences

If you want to catch up with the latest EdTech trends and new classroom innovations, or simply want to network with other educators, the best way is to attend conferences and meetings. You’ll find some EdTech events worth registering from these listings. Be sure to plan ahead because the tickets for some conferences sell out quickly.

Chapter 8: Forums, Q&A Websites

It’s inevitable that you may have a question that you can’t figure out, or you’re having a tough time with your students and don’t know what to do. If so, talking with other teachers can be of great help. These are some of the world’s best yet active forums and Q&A sites that you can post your questions and get responses fast.

  • Quora – the most popular question-and-answer website.
  • Reddit – a supportive community for teachers.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums – for teachers to interact and share ideas about education.

Chapter 9: Videos & Podcasts

These days visual content like videos and podcasts are a fantastic way to learn and teach as an educator. Many EdTech experts are also YouTubers and podcasters. Check out the following resources and subscribe to channels you like. By the way, you should start recording your own videos or podcasts too.

Chapter 10: Other Useful Resources

Resources are endless. Thus it’s unrealistic for me to cover all topics in this guide. I’m creating this section to list those miscellaneous materials I come across on the Internet. If you happen to know a great resource worth featuring here, feel free to let me know.

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