How to Batch Download Facebook Photos

So you’ve decided to download all your Facebook photos in one place? It doesn’t matter whether you want to leave the community for good, or you do so for the purpose of data backup.

In this article, I’m going to show you a few tools for batch-downloading Facebook photos. It’s a no-brainer that you can save those images one by one, that would be quite time-consuming if you have hundreds of photos or albums.

Note: due to Facebook API changes, it’s not guaranteed that all these tools would work out by the time you read this post. In fact, during my test, I’ve found that quite a few popular tools (like PicknZip, PhotoGrabber, PhotoLive, SocialFolders, Fotobounce, etc.) do not work any longer or is not fully functional.

If you happen to find a new tool or an outdated one, I’d appreciate it if you could give me a quick heads up (via comments or emails) so that I can update this post and save other readers time exploring it.

1. Mylio

Mylio is a free photo organizer app that allows you to sync and manage photos across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, and smartphones. One of its cool features is — backup Facebook photos and albums!

This can be done in two easy steps: first, you need to get the Mylio app and sign up (via Facebook authentication), and import those Facebook albums you want to back up; Then you export those album photos to your desktop or mobile phone.

To do this, select these pictures and click the “Share Selected items” icon, and hit the “Export” option. A new window will pop up asking you to define image file types and quality.

Hint: if you want to turn album photos into a slideshow video, choose “Export as Video” — love the feature!

Another reason why I prefer Mylio over odrive (and other techniques) is that Mylio is also available on iOS and Android — which means you can directly download all Facebook albums to your mobile devices.

2. Odrive

If you want to download and keep all your Facebook pictures in an organized manner, you should try odrive — a powerful software available to sync all cloud storage in one place, including your Facebook photos.

How to do that? First off you’ll need to install the odrove app on your computer, then authenticate and link to your Facebook account. Next, it’s the magic moment.

You’ll see odrive automatically syncs all of your albums and photos to your computer hard drive. These include photos and videos you uploaded or got tagged by your friends. The best part is that all the pictures are sorted by year, so you can easily find what you want.

Amazing, right? Here’s a video tutorial:

3. Facebook Settings

Many of you may not know that Facebook actually has a feature that allows you to quickly download all your photos as well — more accurately, all of your data.

On your Facebook homepage, click the arrow down icon on the top right corner, click Settings. Under the General tab, see the option “Download a copy”? Hit it and click the green “Start My Archive” button. Soon you’ll get an archive that contains all your pictures.

While the process is quite easy and fast, it’s without drawbacks. For example, you can’t really specify any photo albums, also the quality of downloaded photos is not so great.


IFTTT is another amazing tool that does more than just download your tagged Facebook photos.

Like its name indicates (If This Then That), you can create any “recipes” which are triggered based on changes to the web services you set in advance e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Drive. Once the condition is met, IFTTT gets it done for you automatically.

To download Facebook photos, you need to create a recipe that syncs Facebook content to another place like Google Drive or Dropbox.

It’s quite easy. However, I have to admit that one main drawback is that IFTTT can’t sync old Facebook photos you were tagged in, instead, it only works from the moment you create the recipe.

5. DownAlbum (Chrome Add-On)

DownAlbum is a plugin that works with the Google Chrome web browser only. As its name says, it’s a tool designed to download Facebook Albums.

How to do that?

First, launch the Chrome web browser, open this link to the DownAlbum add-on page, then click “Add to Chrome”.

Next, open your Facebook album or a Page, locate this icon on the toolbar, click it, and select the “Normal” button. It will start to extract the images in that album or page, which you can save in batch later.

Final Tips

Once you’ve downloaded your Facebook photos or albums to a computer, make sure you also back them up to an external drive in case your computer’s hard drive fails. In fact, a friend of mine just suffered a data disaster after her Mac hard drive died all of a sudden.

I hope you like these free tools that can help download all Facebook photos and albums. Let me know what you think?

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  • Kimberly

    Downalbum hasn’t worked for like 2 years.

  • Tony

    Thanks for mentioning odrive here Jessica!

    I’m an Engineer at odrive and I just wanted to let the folks here know that they can ping us on our forum if they have questions about odrive, or how to use it with Facebook, or any other storage.

  • ama

    Does the facebook archive way download all the ‘photos of you’?

    Cheers, A