Q&A: Any Laptop Booster to Boost My Laptop Performance?

Last updated: Jan. 12, 2017

boost laptop performance

My laptop is now performing very sluggishly, are there any booster software or tips to increase its performance?

-- one of our AST readers

To be honest, we've never heard about any laptop booster that can speed up a PC or Mac like magic. Even if it does exist, we would have to question it because the reasons why a laptop can run slow vary from case to case. Also, the operating system (Windows or macOS) your laptop computer is with also matters.

Are your using a Mac (MacBook, iMac)?

If so, maybe you are looking for this application called — MacBooster, a system maintenance app for Mac users to monitor and optimize Mac performance. The app includes a set of smaller utilities that can be used to clean system junk, uninstall apps, remove duplicate files, and so forth. See this review for more.

Get MacBooster 4 to Speed up Your Mac

If you are using a Windows based laptop...

One of the main reasons why a PC runs slow is lack of free hard drive. When your laptop is running out of disk space, it'll start up much slower and respond to application request less quicker.

To free up space, the easiest way is to use this program called CleanMyPC -- it automatically finds and removes unnecessary files and apps so you save time doing these tasks manually.

Get CleanMyPC to Clean up Your Laptop Hard Drive

Another "culprit" that could bog down your laptop performance is Windows system issues. Similarly, you can rely on this software Advanced SystemCare to fix them and ensure your laptop system is clean and fast.

Get Advanced SystemCare to Fix Windows Issues

We have to remind you though, if your laptop is more than five years old, the above methods probably won't take its performance to a giant level and the best way to give it a real boost is by upgrading related hardware.

For example:

If you use your laptop mostly for gaming, you may consider upgrading the Graphics Card, learn more information from this PCWorld article. Note: not every laptop can upgrade, make sure you contact your laptop manufacturer or visit its official website to look for details before you order a new part.

If you are used to multitasking on your laptop, adding more RAM (random-access memory) is a proven way to increase application responsiveness. 2GB RAM is never enough today, try to reach 4GB or 8GB and you'll notice the difference. How to do? Check out this PCMag post or this YouTube video for step by step tutorials.

If you are serious in elevating your laptop performance, the last suggestion we'd give is — switching to an SSD (solid-state drive). Most likely your laptop is attached with an HDD (hard disk drive), which tends to run slower over time, compared to a more advanced SSD. However, we have to warn you though, an SSD costs a bit more than a 4GB RAM! But SSD upgrade is much economical than buying a new laptop. There are tons of how-to guides and tutorials on the Internet; Thus we're not going to elaborate here.

Final words

Once again, there's not such magic laptop booster, but you can always increase your laptop performance by resolving system issues or upgrading hardware. I hope this answer has helped you understand the subject a little bit better.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions related to your laptops.

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