Q&A: How to recover data from a BlackBerry phone?

Last updated: Apr. 21, 2017

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I've some precious photos and media files got wiped from my BlackBerry phone, is it still possible to recover them? If yes, how?

It depends. Things like whether it was a security wipe, whether your photos were stored in the mass memory (e.g. a SD card), whether you've backups, etc. all matter.

To make things easier for you to understand, I'm breaking down the situations into two scenarios (see below). Do a quick match to find respective answer and recovery solutions.

If you just had a security wipe and reset your Blackberry phone, then there is no way to retrieve the lost data unless you have a backup. A security wipe permanently erases all data saved on your Blackberry phone (internal memory) by writing zeros to the space and make data unrecoverable. That's why BlackBerry calls it "security wipe."

The ONLY solution is — check if you have backups on your computer. For example, maybe you've set up auto sync between your BB phone and your computer. Also, when you do a security wipe, Blackberry usually has an option asking you whether you want to automatically backup the data if your device is connected to a computer.

So again, check relevant folders on your computer. If you do find a backup, great! Now you can sync the backup data (photos, movies, songs, contacts, etc.) to your phone and start using them.

If you just wiped or formatted the mass memory (card) equipped with your BlackBerry phone, then yes — it's quite possible to recover the files. But the first thing you should keep in mind is to stop saving additional data to the mass memory card as it might cause data overwritten.

The solution — try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, a professional digital media recovery software that can retrieve pictures, videos, songs from common storage media including Blackberry memory cards. Note: you'll need to rely on your computer (either a PC or a Mac) to run the recovery software and assist the recovery process. Below is a quick step by step tutorial on how to use the program.

  1. Connect your BlackBerry phone (mass memory card) to your computer via the USB cable, or use a card reader . Make sure your computer can recognize the card.
  2. Get Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and install the program on your PC or Mac. Be sure to install the right version (Windows or MacOS).
  3. Open the software, click the big blue "Recover Photo, Audio & Video" button to get started. Then select the disk drive (your Blackberry memory card represents) to start a scan.
  4. When the scan is complete, you'll see a lot of media files (photos, videos, music) listed on left side of the program. Preview them to see if your lost pics are there.
  5. If you find them, congratulations. Select those you want to recover and save them to a local disk drive.

If Stellar Phoenix doesn't work out for you, check out our reviews for the best digital photo recovery software and try another alternative.

Good luck!​

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