The Best Waterproof Smartwatch

waterproof smart watch

We can’t deny it!

Technology has taken over the majority of our daily activities. How we communicate, do business, meet new people, and even personally manage our health.

Manage our health? Yeah! You heard, right! Today you don’t need to see a doctor before you know your heart rate, temperature, amongst other things.

Of course, that’s where smartwatches come in! These small 1-2 inches smart devices have brought a lot of advancements to the world of health and fitness.

We see a lot of weekend warriors, and health buffs use the smartwatch as their amplified fitness tracker. Thus, these sets of people wear the smartwatch virtually all the time, whether it’s dry or wet outside.

Yeah right! You can still have this smartwatch on your hand even in the rain or under the water, swimming—as long as you go for a waterproof smartwatch.

But, you still have to be careful, because not every smartwatch that claims to be waterproof can stay in water for up to 2 minutes. That’s why we created this article to help your buying decision easy—and to help you get the best waterproof smartwatch.

Quick Summary

We took time out to check the various waterproof smartwatches in the market. In the end, three options met our expectations and standards.

  • You should go for the Apple Watch Series 4 if you’re looking for a traditional smartwatch over a sporty device.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is the ideal option for you if you’re looking for a slim design that’s an excellent fit for swimming.
  • If you’re looking for a smartwatch that will give you both a sporty and casual feel, then you should go for the Garmin Forerunner 235.

Who Should Get This?

You’d love to get one of these waterproof smartwatches if you’re a professional swimmer—that loves to wear a smartwatch while you train.

Professional divers are not left out from the list too! If you do a lot of deep-sea diving, these smartwatches will come in handy for you, especially if you do a lot of evening rounds.

You’d also need this watch if you’re a fisherman that likes to have your watch on your wrist while working—to monitor the time as you do your thing!

The waterproof smartwatches are also for regular people that love to have their watch on every time of the day—except when they go to bed—without having exceptional times when they take it off.

Best Waterproof Smartwatch: What Are the Things to Consider?

Before buying a waterproof smartwatch, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:


Before purchasing a smartwatch is essential to take the appearance and shape into consideration. You’ve to be sure if you need a sporty or classic smartwatch. Sporty smartwatches are usually rectangular or square and have a thermoplastic case. The classic smartwatches are different—they are typically circular.

Another thing is to check to know if the smartwatch is a touchscreen or not. If it’s not, which input method is it?


It’s not wise to buy a smartphone without considering its weight. Even if you like a particular smartwatch, check if it’s heavy or light. You don’t want to be carrying a mini wall clock on your wrist.

A great example of a lightweight smartwatch is the Apple Watch Series 4. It’s only 48 grams, which is pretty light for a smartwatch with a ton of features.


Some smartwatches have their sensors integrated into the straps, which makes it impossible to replace when it begins to wear out. Even if this feature may be technically great, it may limit you from staying stylish.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Both

It’s typical to see a smartwatch with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi feature—which will come in handy for you if you’ll be syncing and connecting a lot of data.

Some specific smartwatches come with both features—Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which gives you a wider range of options depending on the smart device you’re connecting it to.


It’s a waste to buy a smartwatch that isn’t compatible with your smartphone. Thus, it’s essential to check if the smartwatch you plan to buy is compatible with your smartphone.

Of course, most smartwatches are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, but it’s best to check if the smartwatch supports the OS version you’re currently using.


Because you’re buying a waterproof smartwatch, you should check the waterproof rating. Standard smartwatches usually come with an IP67 and IP68, which means they are water-proof for 1 and 1.5 meters respectively.

Since your focus is on waterproof smartwatches, it’s smart to go for smartwatches with high water-proof features like 5ATM rating—which means the smartwatch can go down as low as 50 meters.

Best Waterproof Smartwatch: Our Picks

Here’re our top waterproof smartwatches:

1. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple surely delivered in the design of this Series 4 Smartwatch. The smartwatch is no doubt dominating the market with its excellent and sturdy build.

No doubt, Apple is calling the shots in the smartwatch industry by setting the pace for other products as it also works as a fitness and health device.

But that’s not all!

It comes with a larger screen size of 44mm when compared to many smartwatches in the market. This feature makes a lot of difference for the smartwatch—as it gives space on the screen and clarity for users.

There’s more.

The smartwatch is pretty slim, which will give you a snug fit for men with different sizes—thanks to its 40 – 44 mm diameter size.

Apart from the fact that this smartwatch does a great job checking your heart rate with periodic notifications, it also performs very well in the water. Thus, you can still track your heart and body performance as you swim.

What We Like:

  • Awesome build
  • It comes with lifesaving metrics
  • Great features for sports

What We Don’t Like:

  • Battery life is not so long

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2. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is the ideal option for Android lovers. It has one of the best battery life amongst all the Android smartphones in the market. The best part is it’s pretty affordable when compared to the Apple Series 4, considering that it has a larger 46mm screen.

But there’s more!

The smartwatch has all options to keep you connected 24 hours—from Wi-Fi, a cellular network of 4G LTE, to the Bluetooth. Plus, it comes in three colors, so you’ve got the option to choose what goes for you more.

Also, it comes with a metallic body and a large circular surface—which makes it a better traditional option than the Apple Series 4.

In terms of usability and ergonomics, the Samsung Galaxy will surely capture your heart. Another thing that may catch your fancy is its rotating bezel, which is very solid.

Samsung did a great job creating the smartwatch with a dual-core 1.15GHz chipset matched with an internal storage space of 4GB.

Underwater, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a beast as it comes with a 5ATM rating. This feature gives it the ability to stay 50 meters underwater.

What We Like:

  • Great Battery life
  • It comes with a revolving bezel
  • Screen design is great
  • Software is top-notch

What We Don’t Like:

  • The charge time is long

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3. Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a smartwatch that delivers the best value for professional and amateur athletes. The Forerunner 235 can be called the new king of the hill because of its remarkable features like measuring your distance and pace.

But there’s more!

The smartwatch has a sleek build that makes it easy and comfortable to put on. Plus, you can comfortably wear it to shower or swim without having any worries.

Also, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone with the smartwatch because of its computability. This smartwatch has an impressive build—a slim and lightweight build with a high-resolution display.

In terms of fitness, the Forerunner 235 does a great job as it supports the GLONASS, which will enhance your “location finding” feature in areas with limited GPS signals.

The smartwatch also comes with a feature that helps to determine the time of your race. Plus, you get information to discern when you’re ready for another hard workout.

What’s more?

You can get a precise estimate of the amount of Oxygen (VO2 Max) you use up during your workouts, which makes running enjoyable.

When it comes to swimming, the Forerunner 235 does a great job as the manufacturer designed it to survive 50m depth of water like the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. Plus, it comes with an open water swim feature that allows GPS tracking underwater.

What We Like:

  • Accurate GPS
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices
  • Tracks all daily events
  • It comes with a 24/7 heart-rate monitor

What We Don’t Like:

  • The heart rate sensor isn’t good enough

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What is the major difference between water-resistant and waterproof smartwatches?

It’s easy to confuse water-resistant and waterproof smartwatches, but there’s a huge difference.

Water-resistant smartwatches can withstand getting wet to an extent, but waterproof smartwatches can handle an aquatic environment and stay longer underwater.

Although there is a degree of waterproofing, so you must be careful not to mix them up.

Can I find a waterproof watch under $100?

It’s hard to find a waterproof watch under $100. If you see sellers marketing waterproof smartwatches under $100, it’s best to avoid them, so you don’t end up buying a dud one.

Rounding Up

There’s nothing like getting the best waterproof smartwatch, as it comes with all the intelligent features and waterproof functions. You should have gained a clearer perspective about smartwatches by reading this article.

Therefore, you can go ahead to make your choice from any of the smartwatches listed here.
Which of the waterproof smartwatches do you plan to pick? Are there others you didn’t see in this article?

Keep us posted by dropping your suggestions and comments in the section below.

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