3 Best Kids Headphones for Airplanes in 2022

Flying with children is necessary, but that doesn’t make it easy. Kids can easily get distracted, restless, and bored on multi-hour flights. A great way to keep them entertained and occupied is to let them watch movies or play games on a phone or tablet. However, the last thing you want is the music or sound blaring and annoying other passengers.

As a result, you should get your child a solid pair of headphones for the flight. But with so many options, which one should you consider? That’s exactly what this article will look at.

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

If you have children and are planning to fly with them in the near future, you need to get them quality headphones. The devices ensure kids can focus on their game or movie, which then keeps them busy, without making a lot of noise for the other passengers.

In addition to being useful on the plane, the headphones in this guide can also be used at home, on a car ride or wherever else your child might want to use an electronic device.

Of course, if you already have a pair of headphones your child uses, or if your child doesn’t like watching movies or playing games on a plane, there might not be a need to purchase new headphones.

Best Kids Headphones for Airplane: What to Consider in 2022


Plane rides can take a long time. As a result, your child could have their headphones on for a while. You want to ensure that the ones you get are comfortable. The more comfortable the headset is, the longer your child will be able to wear them without getting restless.

Sound Quality

Of course, you want your child to enjoy quality audio through their headphones. Not all headphones come with the same sound quality, so be sure to do some research before making your final purchase. While a kid might not need top-of-the-line audio, you still want them to enjoy whatever they are playing or watching.


Not many headphones are incredibly durable, but you want a pair that can stand up to a few bumps and bruises. Children are notoriously carefree when it comes to their items, and there’s a chance they will drop their headphones more than a few times. If the headphones are too flimsy or fragile, you will consistently need to buy new pairs.

Best Kids Headphones for Airplane: Our Picks in 2022

1. Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams Volume Limiting Headphones

If you’re worried about your child’s hearing, these may be the way to go. The headphones limit volumes over 85 DB, which helps protect your ears. However, that volume limit doesn’t hurt the sound quality. It still sounds incredible no matter what you’re doing. These are wireless, comfortable, and adjustable.

The 22-hour battery life is also great, giving you plenty of security that they will last for the entirety of your flight. These feature 30 feet of wireless range, and you can even use a daisy chain to connect 2 pairs of these headphones if both of your children want to watch the same thing.


  • Incredibly comfortable with vegan leather cushioned ear cups
  • Volume limiting capabilities to protect hearing
  • Wireless with a strong battery life


  • Only comes in a few select colors

2. Monodeal Kids On Ear Headsets with Active Noise Cancelling

The active noise-cancelling properties of these headphones alone make them a good option, but that’s far from the only good thing about these. The soft leather headband will fit all head shapes and it is completely adjustable based on your needs. These wired headphones will also give your child an incredible amount of comfort.

The headphones fold down to make them more portable, come with a carrying bag, and even ship with an airplane adapter. They can be great for studying, relaxing, and are lightweight enough to wear for hours at a time.


  • Active noise-cancelling
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be great for a range of different activities or uses


  • The cord is not removable, so be careful your child doesn’t pull on it or break it

3. iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones

If durability is among your main concerns, these are a great option for you. The headphones are incredibly tough and moldable, allowing them to withstand a ton of twists and drops. They also offer superior comfortability thanks to the soft ear pads and headband.

Other features like a strong battery life, safe sound, and Bluetooth 5.0 make this a great all-around choice. They can fit a range of different ages from toddlers and teens to anything in between. Easily one of the most adjustable options around.


  • Durable and moldable
  • Great fit for most people
  • High-quality sound that’s also safe


  • Only come in one color/design

Useful Tips and Resources

It’s important to make sure that the headphones you picked up are compatible with the devices you have. If not, they won’t do anything when plugged in.

Be sure to monitor how your child uses the headphones as well. Periodically check the sound levels to make sure they aren’t listening too loud, which could damage their ears. Also, if the headphones have wires, be sure these aren’t wrapped around your kid’s neck.

Of course, simply having things to watch or play might not always be enough for your child to stay distracted. Be sure to have other ideas when it comes to entertaining your child on a plane.

Final Words

Any of the kids headphones listed here are great options for the plane. They offer great sound quality, and are comfortable in a way that ensures your child will be entertained for their whole journey in the sky.

If you are aware of any other great kid headphones for airplane trips, we’d love to hear about them! Let us know more about them in a comment below.

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