3 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone XS in 2022

Is there anything as painful as you watching your iPhone XS slip out of your hand from a height?

As if it isn’t bad enough, the phone drops from a height to a hard floor like “Rey Mysterio” falling from the top of the ropes to give his finishing move!

Of course! It’s not funny at all! Instead, it’s pretty annoying and painful—especially when you’re to blame for not preventing the fall and Humpty-dumpty crack.

It doesn’t have to go that way, because you can avoid it!

Yeah right! But don’t get it twisted. We’re not going to be teaching you how to catch your iPhone XS as fast as the DC Comics superhero—Flash.

We’re going to be showing you the best wallet case for iPhone XS—that will protect the outer glass case from cracking in the event of a fall or impact.

And if you’re looking to minimize the gear you move around with every day and house all your bank and identity cards in one piece, we got you covered.

We’ll also be giving you a comprehensive buying guide that will help you know what to get—when you’re ready to make a purchase.

If you’re ready, let’s begin…

Quick Summary

With so many options in the market, the question—“what wallet case is ideal for my iPhone XS?” is common amongst many users—because the decision could be difficult.

But because we’ve got your back, we did a comprehensive check in the market to find iPhone XS wallet cases that met our requirements for; design, utility, and protection. In the end, we compiled three that ticked all the requirement boxes.

Who Should Get This?

Moving around with your iPhone XS and a whole lot of gear like your credit cards could be stressful and bulky most times.

It’s even more challenging when you’ve to go out—especially to the beach or park during the summer, and you don’t want to carry anything else except for your iPhone.

In such scenarios, wallet cases come in handy as they double as your wallet to store your cards or few bucks, while you still protect your iPhone from sudden impact.

You’ll also love the idea of a wallet case if you’re a student that wants to minimize the amount of gear you take to school.

It’s also an excellent option for people in the corporate world that hit the road Monday to Friday in their coats. Instead of having multiple bulges in your jacket or pants, you can have one iPhone wallet case that houses all your cards and phone—of course!

Best Wallet Case for iPhone XS: What Are the Factors to Consider in 2022?

Here we listed several factors you should look out for before buying a wallet case for your iPhone XS.

Full Coverage

For the phone wallet case, there’s a standard rule; if the case protects more of the phone, the better. But, most people prefer wallet cases that protect every part of the phone except the screen.

When you decide to make your purchase, go for ones that provide the button protection and possibly tactility that imitates the way the buttons feel on an iPhone.

Also, look out for cases that don’t expose the top or bottom edge of the iPhone.

If you like the circular opening of the Apple logo at the back of your phone to get exposed, you can get one that has that feature.

Drop Fortification

When looking for a great wallet case, you should check to confirm that the wallet case can protect the case adequately without having unnecessary add-ons.

Also, look for super thin wallet cases because they tend to have a better drop protection feature.


It’s also essential to get iPhone wallet cases with simple and elegant designs, especially if you’ve got a thing for aesthetic appeal. However, it’s necessary to always go for sturdiness first before design. Don’t negotiate a sturdy build for design.

Front Lip Raised

Part of Apple’s case rules, states that “an exposed glass on the Apple device shouldn’t have up to 1mm of a flat surface, such as a floor or table, in an angle where the case gets attached.”

One of the biggest challenges of smartphone users is that the phone display edge cracks. Thus, you must lookout for a wallet case that can protect the sides of your iPhone, especially if you turn the screen in a downward position.

Best Wallet Case for iPhone XS: Our Picks for 2022

Here are our top wallet cases for iPhone XS:

1. Lupa iPhone XS wallet case

Are you looking for an iPhone XS wallet case made with premium and sturdy faux leather? Then, you’ll like the Lupa iPhone XS wallet case. The case provides sufficient protection for your iPhone XS, thanks to its lovely clasp closure and shock absorbing leather.

But that’s not all.

The case can store up to four cards and hold some of your pocket bills as you move out for your daily runs.

If you’re looking for a stylish and chic design, you won’t be disappointed with this case, as it comes with a wide selection of colors—there’re 11 to select from. Plus, it comes with a vintage-style design that gives it uniqueness.

There’s more!

Lupa boasts of 100 percent guarantee for your purchase for every purchase.

What We Like:

  • Great design—with a wide variety of color
  • Stores up to four cards and some bills
  • Sturdy build
  • Premium faux leather
  • Easy to hold

What We Don’t Like:

  • The magnet gets flimsy and tacky to close sometimes

2. Smartish iPhone XS wallet case

You will like this wallet case if you plan on ditching your wallet to carry your ID, cards, and phone altogether. The Smartish iPhone XS wallet case is an affordable and reliable wallet case that gives enough space for your cards.

Moreover, the case comes with a durable TPU plastic that makes it easy to install. Plus, the case is twice thicker than the average protective case, and it comes with angled edges that make its size less noticeable when you hold it.

But there’s more!

Smartish boasts of the case being able to store up to three cards and bills. Plus, it exposes less of your cards, when compared to other wallet cases in the market—you’ll only see a thumbnail-size part of the cards. It also has a protective screen film, which adds to the protective feature of the case.

What We Like:

  • Ample and robust storage space
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to install

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for Qi Wireless charging

3. Snakehive Apple iPhone XS case

This Snakehive Apple iPhone XS case offers high-quality leather at a reasonable price. The British accessory maker produced this wallet case with full-grain European nubuck leather material.

The inner TPU case clasps your phone safely, and it comes with a soft inner leather style that gives more functionality and protection to your iPhone XS.

What’s more?

The manufacturer boasts of making the case with pricey materials that deliver amazing craftsmanship and aesthetics. Plus, it comes with a soft velvety foot that almost resembles an ultra-suede.

If you’re in the corporate world, you’ll love this wallet case thanks to its professional-looks—making it easy for you to use it from the boardroom to your home.

You can talk with the phone while the wallet case closed with ease because the outer front cover comes with a cutout space for the phone’s mouthpiece. Plus, it has other precise cuts and awesome button covers that ensure that all ports, buttons, cameras, and speakers work well.

You can enjoy Qi wireless charging with this wallet case.

But there’s more!

The folio case of the Snakehive has a tacked crease in the middle, which makes it possible for the case to fold into a horizontal stand—great for video viewing.

Also, the case comes with a large variety of colors to choose from.

What We Like:

  • Reasonable price
  • Qi wireless charging works
  • Holds up to three cards and bills
  • Soft Nubuck leather
  • Professional looks

What We Don’t Like:

  • When open, the closure clasp looks awkward

How to Clean Your Leather iPhone Wallet Case

  1. The best way to clean a leather wallet case is by using a mild solution with the following steps.
  2. Use a damp microfiber cloth with a simple hand wash to gently wipe the leather case.
  3. Next, wipe the leather with a mild cleanser.
  4. Use a plusher microfiber cloth to dry it in the end.

Key Takeaway

When cleaning, ensure you rub in a circular motion. That way, you’ll not be stretching the leather. Also, note that the type of soap solution you use to wash the leather can affect the leather. Thus, beware of using anything harsh.

Our Final Verdict—Make Your Phone Case Your Wallet

With all the wallet cases shown in this article, your decision making has gotten easier. But, make sure you go through the comprehensive buying guide properly to know which of them meets your specific needs.

Out of the three listed here, which of the wallet cases caught your attention the most? Are there other favorites you didn’t see here? Place your suggestions and comments in the section below.

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