3 Best iPhone X/Xs Running Armbands in 2022

Not everyone understands we runners. There are varying levels of disbelief that you would willingly run for miles on end, or that you can actually enjoy such a thing.

But luckily, iPhone accessory makers know that a good run is frequently accompanied by great music, a sense of security, and careful monitoring of your personal stats in the form of steps, times, or heart rates — all of which need your phone to be nearby.

A running case helps you accomplish all of these things with ease, and in this review article, we’ll highlight some of our favorites, along with what makes the best armband for iPhone X and iPhone Xs.

Quick Summary

Want the best details quick? Here’s our picks:

  • For an all-around champion, the LOVPHONE Sportband Case takes the cake with its simple design that fits most phones with and without cases. It’s water and sweat proof, with secret pouches for keys and cards.
  • Don’t mind changing out your case for convenience? With the SUPCASE Running Armband Case, you’ll use a phone case to snap into a simple armband. The case is moderately protective and the armband is washable but not waterproof.
  • Lastly, if you have a large case or can’t stand plastic sleeves, the elastic bands in the VUP Running Armband will secure your phone while leaving it almost completely accessible for one of the most effective and clean designs available.

Who Should Get This?

Well, they aren’t called running armbands for no reason – if you’re a runner, an iPhone armband is an absolute must.

We can’t let go of our phones for a good reason – they link up with health apps, allow you to listen to music, and are also important to have on you in case of an emergency. The armband will keep your phone within easy reach and prevent it from jangling in your pocket and creating that annoying bouncing motion.

Even if you’re not a serious runner or do most of your jogging in a gym, an armband is great for comfort and means you don’t have to set your phone down or hold it in your hand while you’re on the treadmill.

Best Armband for iPhone X/Xs: What to Consider in 2022?

Water Resistance

Let’s face it – everyone sweats. And if you’ve ever seen the sweat on a phone screen, you know it’s not pretty. The grimness isn’t only nasty, it can damage your phone if it runs into the ports or builds up too much. Plus, even drinking water while running has a danger of spills due to tired clumsiness or uncooperative bottles, so it’s best to keep your phone protected and your armband intact. A good armband is always waterproof.

iPhone Fit

While the obvious advice is to make sure the armband you pick is large enough for the iPhone X, you’ll also need to account for any protective case you may have on your phone. Since many armbands have a very snug fit around the phone, you’ll need to make sure the model you pick uses a securing method that gives you plenty of space for your case.

Arm Fit

Some runners prefer the band on their upper arm, while others want something closer to the wrist. Additionally, due to varying bone and muscle structure, you may need a smaller or larger band to comfortably bring your phone running. Make sure to look for adjustable bands, or that offer at least two size models so that you can get a great fit.

Best iPhone Running Armband in 2022: Our Picks

1. LOVPHONE Sportband Case

Offering a simple and clean design with a few hidden features, the LOVPHONE armband is a great choice if you want something practical and comfortable. It features a key and card holder pouch on the inside, as well as a water and sweat-proof design. Your phone slips into the pocket through the top and stays in place while running.


  • Simple, sleek adjustable design that won’t cut into the skin or be difficult to strap on and off.
  • Built-in slots for a house key and card make storing your valuables running and help you keep everything in one place.
  • Includes some space for phones with cases.


  • Runs on the small side, with the largest setting around 400mm (about 15″) as compared to other bands that offer up to 20″.

2. SUPCASE Running Armband Case

Don’t have a case for your iPhone X or iPhone Xs yet? This armband works by including a special case that works for your phone’s day-to-day protection while also being able to snap into the armband for easy use. If you don’t want to change out an existing case permanently, you can always just switch when you feel like jogging, since this one snaps on and off easily.


  • The provided case is great for daily use, not just when you want to go running, and the armband uses Velcro to adjust for arm sizes between 9″ and 20″.
  • No plastic cover on the screen means you don’t lose any screen responsiveness.


  • Not built to be water or sweat proof, especially with the emphasis on the case. However, the armband can be hand washed.

3. VUP Running Armband

Is your case too big for other models, or do you hate trying to shove your phone inside a small plastic sleeve? This armband uses high strength bands to hold your phone in place and is actually much sturdier than you realize. Plus, if you ever want to use your old iPod touch for those throwback songs, there’s no issue with fit since the case can adjust to any device 4″ – 6″.


  • Super adjustable and the easiest to place your phone in or take out of.
  • Rotates so you can easily view your phone and includes a slot for folding your earbuds in case you need to get cords out of the way.
  • Fits arms 8″ to 14″.


  • Elastic band may cover the mock home button area on your iPhone X.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Music can take your running, cycling, skiing, or other sport to the next level. It pumps you up and gets you motivated – but the cords involved can be pretty annoying. Even once your phone is on an armband and the cable isn’t dangling around your shirt, there’s a better method.

Simply grab a pair of wireless sports earbuds such as the SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds for clean, easy listening. You’ll still have control at your fingertips with your phone secured to your arm, but you won’t be worried about snagging dangling cables on the treadmill rail or feel them annoyingly bounce against your chest.

Another thing that many runners and athletes haven’t taken full advantage of is Apple’s, Health Kit. This app is built into your iPhone X/Xs and if you have an Apple Watch, it works even more efficiently with the extra data (sorry Fitbit users, the popular tracker is yet to be integrated). Health Kit can track steps, sleep, and activity, as well as provide personal insights and help you reach your goals. To learn how to use it, check out this Apple guide.


Ready to hit the pavement with your armband? Congratulations – your run is going to be smoother, easier, and more streamlined with the help of a simple band.

We hope this article has helped you pick out the best running case for your iPhone X or Xs, and would love to hear about which ones are your favorite and why.

Leave a comment below if you’ve got a favorite armband to brag about!

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