3 Best Car Mount & Holder for iPhone X/Xs in 2022

Growing up, I watched my mother carefully apply a strip of Velcro to the back of her tiny slide-keyboard phone and a matching strip to the car dashboard so that she could have calls and information within view in an instant.

Fortunately, this is now a fairly ineffective method since we have specially made car holders and phones that are useful not just for messages but also music, GPS, and dozens of other applications.

Whether you use your phone in conjunction with your car’s Bluetooth system, and AUX cord, or as a standalone device, a car mount can put everything you need safely at your fingertips.

While you should never let a phone distract you when driving because it is very dangerous to do so. it’s helpful to have the screen in an easily view-able position for maps or if dictating a message through Siri.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the best car mounts for iPhone X or Xs here, and have also included ways to help you pick the best one for you.

Quick Summary

  • How would you like to hold your phone? With the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 you can mount it at your angle of choice with ease, either from the dash or windshield without worrying about if your phone will fall out.
  • But if you’re not a fan of clamps, the easy-to-use magnet design from the VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard lets your phone jump into place without the constraints of a slot or clutching style mount. The main mount sticks to your dash, and a strong magnet on the back of your phone holds everything together.
  • Lastly, if you need your phone right at your fingertips, the Beam Electronics Car Air Vent Mount can bring it there by using the slots in the air vents to attach a slot for your phone. Phones in the slot can still have cables connected to them for charging or AUX, and will remain firmly fixed in view.

Do You Need This Or NOT?

Getting a car mount for your iPhone X/Xs is not advised for all drivers. Teen or other new drivers should refrain from using their phone whenever possible and it is best to keep it in one’s bag or glove box simply due to the distraction it can cause.

However, older and more experienced drivers who can interact responsibly with electronics while driving will likely benefit from the versatility a phone can bring in the form of advanced GPS features, hands-free calls, and dictated messages.

The mount will usually place the phone at eye level so you don’t have to glance away from the road, and makes for a safe place to store your phone while driving so it doesn’t get lost in the cracks between seats or slide around on the floor.

Getting an iPhone X or Xs Car Holder: What to Consider in 2022

Mounting Methods

A car mount can adhere to your dashboard and your phone in many different ways. From magnets and baskets to clamps and slots, your mounting method should be chosen based on what you need out of your phone while driving. For example, a clamping holder might be best if you need to leave the ports open on the top and bottom, while a cup holder or basket-style mount might be ideal if you just want your phone in eyesight so it doesn’t get lost among everything else in your car.


Each mount offers a different amount of stability, which should be a consideration especially if you have a car that feels every bump in the road due to age, repairs, or other aspects. The more direct the connection from your phone to the car, the more stable it will be – so for example, a lengthy adjustable model is going to be less sturdy than a mount on your air vent that clamps directly onto both your phone and the car.


Worried about the permanence of some mounts when you’re known to be indecisive? Make sure to check up on how versatile a particular mount is. Most easily support portrait and landscape modes on your phone, but some can also be bent into new positions or re-mounted elsewhere in your car as needed. Flexibility and adjustability can let you make on-the-fly changes for a more practical and logical setup when your circumstances change unexpectedly.

Ease of Use

Lastly, make sure to consider ease of use when considering car mounts. If you’re juggling a million different things every time you get in the car, a magnet mount might be the best choice because you can simply hold up your phone and then leave it, but if you prefer security and have hands to spare, then a clamp could be the more optimal choice. In the end, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Best Car Mount For IPhone X/Xs in 2022: Our Picks

Kindly note that the car mount items recommended below are picked mainly based on 1). the criteria listed above 2). our own user experience 3). reputation research we did from the Internet hearing what others say about the product.

1. Beam Electronics Car Air Vent Mount

If you prefer things right in front of you and sturdily clamped in, this mount from Beam will put your phone at your fingertips without allowing it to move an inch out of place. It clamps onto the air vent and then around your phone, and a gap at the bottom allows you to charge and use ports even when the phone is in the cradle.

What We Like:

  • Extremely easy to install and simple, uncomplicated design that’s a breeze to make use of.
  • Space for cables lets you make the most of your phone even when it’s propped up, and the cradle design is secure and won’t let your phone fall out anytime soon.

What We Dislike:

  • Weight of the phone will usually cause the air vent to droop and close.

2. VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

If you have a case on your iPhone, it’s easy to slip the matching magnet for the VAVA mount inside and allow your phone to easily jump to adhere to this mount. This model mounts to your dashboard and does not use the air vents, so it’s extra stable and your phone can be rotated to any comfortable angle with ease.

What We Like:

  • Small footprint and sleek design are a nice touch.
  • The magnet piece for your phone is strong but unobtrusive and can easily fit into any case.
  • Mount has 360 degrees of rotation and so does your phone when in use.

What We Dislike:

  • Uses adhesive, so it’s not easy to reset if you stick it on wrong the first time.

3. IOttie Easy One Touch Universal Phone Holder

Locking onto your dash or windshield with a two-part suction based system, the iOttie isn’t going anywhere once you snap it into place and you can be sure your phone won’t fall out anytime soon either. The stand telescopes for greater range of motion.

What We Like:

  • Expands up to 3.2″, enough for your iPhone X or Xs with ease.
  • Powerful suction will keep your phone in place even if you roll off the side of a mountain, telescoping and bending design allow for many degrees of adjustability.

What We Dislike:

  • Suction base is known to take the vinyl off your dash if not removed carefully.

Additional Tips And Tricks

So you’ve got your phone mounted in the car, but you haven’t hooked it up to your car’s stereo system yet? The Bluetooth process will vary from car to car, and you’ll need to look on the manufacturer’s website for specific details (as well as give yourself plenty of time in case the process becomes lengthy), but you can get AUX set up fairly quickly.

AUX allows you to play audio through the car stereo using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cord (it looks like a headphone plug on both ends). You can get one on Amazon or at your local dollar store. Plug the AUX into your car (often a port on the dash or in the console) and into your phone, then change the input over and you can play your own music rather than listen to radio commercials whenever you want.


Whether you’re already used to mounting your phone in your car and want to upgrade, need a better GPS than the built-in one, or simply want to be able to take hands-free calls more effectively, a car mount for your iPhone X/Xs can solve a lot of problems.

Did we miss any of your favorite models? Leave a comment below and tell us what you have to say!

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