3 Best iPad Wall Mounts/Brackets in 2022

How many times did you rearrange your iPad Pro or Air while binging the latest season of your favorite Netflix show the other night?

How often do you find yourself searching all over the family iPad because it doesn’t seem to have a central location and no one knows where it is?

Whether you want your iPad at eye level or on a flexible arm that can adjust for your current activity, these little annoyances can all be solved with a wall mount for your iPad.

A wall mount will position your iPad for convenience in dozens of activities. From functioning as a music stand to your electronic sheets or as a holder for your plethora of digital recipes, a stand keeps things hands free but visible and has plenty of unforeseen benefits.

In this article, we’ll show you what an iPad wall mount can do and how to pick the best one for you.

Quick Summary

  • Look for flexibility and customization? the Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount will provide a secure clamp style mount attached to an adjustable arm that can be positioned almost any way imagined.
  • For something much simpler, ClayWare Games iPad Bracket Wall Mount is a simple slot that fixes to the wall and provides a sort of shelf for your iPad. It’s great for keeping things centralized or as a temporary holding place.
  • Looking to compromise between the two? With the AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount, you get an adjustable, swiveling base while still staying close to the wall and eliminating the bulk of a larger model.

Who Should Get This?

When the iPad first came out, many people saw it as a larger iPhone that didn’t fit in your pocket. But in reality, they’re so much more than that and have many uses in your household alone.

From functioning as tiny TVs for a night of Netflix and popcorn to infinite recipe books in the kitchen or a personal trainer while you workout in the living room, there’s plenty of occasions where your iPad is in use but you don’t really want to be the one holding it.

Whether you want your own comfort, to keep the device safe from spills and splash, or more viewing convenience, having a wall mount for your iPad can solve all of these issues. They’re safe, effective, and easy to use.

Unless you’re someone who only uses an iPad while laying in bed or at a desk, we would highly recommend getting a wall mount and at least trying it out.

Wall Bracket for iPad: What to Consider in 2022?


While some mounts are universally sized and can work with your iPad regardless of year, model, or the case it’s in, others are less forgiving and come with designated models for each type of iPad. Some don’t support cases either, so if you normally use a shock-protection case or something similar, this may be something you have to compromise on.

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Stability & Mounting

The most important part of an effective wall mount is the security of its positioning on your wall. Whether it requires physical screws, a latching system, suction cups, or some other method of attachment, you’ll want to look for a mount that can stand up to the occasional bump or earthquake, as well as the test of time.

If you’re in an apartment or other rented home and have special restrictions on what you can do to the walls, make sure to look for mounting methods that do their best to keep walls from being harmed.


Depending on your intended use, you may require more or less flexibility with your mount. Those working in the kitchen or a workshop might prefer something with more adjustability and available angles than if you simply want to keep the iPad on the wall to use with your home alarm or temperature control system.

Flexibility also comes with the compromise of a larger, heavier, stand whereas more inflexible models tend to be lighter and more inconspicuous.

Top 3 Best iPad Wall Mounts in 2022

1. AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount

Definitely want to keep things fixed to the wall but need a little more flexibility than a simple slot? The AboveTEK mount attaches to the wall just like Clayware model but features an adjustable mount that lets you change the angle. Your iPad will protrude about 2 inches from the wall.

What’s Great:

  • The swiveling design allows you to pick the most comfortable viewing angle and can be tightened and loosened for sturdiness.
  • The clamp design also allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait, and fit iPads of multiple sizes.

What’s Not So Great:

  • Screws into the wall, so you won’t be moving this around much once you decide where you want it.

2. ClayWare Games iPad Bracket Wall Mount

Simple and unobtrusive, this Clayware Games mount latches securely to the wall with screws and can then hold an iPad of any size, shape, or model. Even if you have a large case, this stand will still work for you. It is only available in black.

What’s Great:

  • Fits iPads of all sizes with the need for adjustments, and can work in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Extremely sturdy since it is mounted directly to the wall.
  • Easy to insert or remove your iPad from the slot.

What’s Not So Great:

  • Inflexible and offers only one viewing angle, remaining at the same location where you fixed it to the wall.

3. Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount

Looking for something that can move with you and have as many degrees of freedom as possible without sacrificing security? This stand from Arkon, well known for making other types of device mounts, won’t fail on you anytime soon and offers an adjustable base, arm, and clamping design.

What’s Great:

  • Extremely easy to change the angle and position, making it ideal for locations where mounting is difficult or if you plan on moving around a lot but still need to be able to see your iPad.
  • A great option for bedside stands since the placement can be adjusted for optimal viewing without much trouble.

What’s Not So Great:

  • It’s much larger and bulkier than other models.

Additional Tips

What if your wall mount has everything you want, but your iPad Pro or iPad Air doesn’t fit when it’s in the protective case you normally use? It can be a bit nerve-wracking to mount a delicate electronic device without any protective covering.

Instead, you can use a tempered glass screen protector, which covers your screen and will crack before the real electronics do in the event of a fall. They’re virtually invisible but extremely effective – you can check one out here on Amazon.

If you already have a wall mount for your home but are looking for a way to take your iPad in the car with you, you can also check out our best iPad mounts for car. From magnets to suction cups, there’s plenty of ways to secure your device to easily see maps or other content for both the driver and the passengers.


Whether you want to follow along with workout videos from YouTube or cook a new recipe without getting egg yolk all over the screen, a wall mount can make things significantly easier. From bendable arms to sleek slots and holders, there are plenty of options for you to choose between.

We’d love to hear what your best iPad wall mount is, so leave a comment below and tell us what you use it for!

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