4 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2022

It’s more than a little fear-inducing to watch your kid run around the house holding the family iPad, dangle it over the edges of beds or couches, or place it in a backpack that is then carelessly tossed across the room.

You want the iPad to last longer than a few months, but kids aren’t exactly the most careful types of people, which doesn’t help when it comes to delicate electronics. Plus, replacements are time-consuming and costly to come by, making the situation even more pressing.

Your best solution is to get a protective and kid-friendly case for an iPad that your child uses. Whether it’s being used for school and needs to fit neatly inside a backpack or you just need some extra grip so it doesn’t slip out of your child’s hand so easily, a case will be the perfect addition to a kid’s iPad.

Quick Summary

  • Is your kid using their iPad for schoolwork? Consider Favormates Backlit Keyboard Case, which gives them the protection they need while also providing a useful keyboard with fun backlighting.
  • For younger kids, the BMOUO ShockProof Kids Case Cover with Handle offers unbeatable portability and versatility. From the convertible handle to the protective casing, it’s an all-around winner.
  • For little girls, they’ll love this Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad Case as it not only protects the iPad but looks so adorable. Imagine the huge pink butterfly with wings, your daughter will definitely love it.
  • Bringing it home with design simplicity that never fails to protect, the OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad brings the durability of a well-known brand to your hands. It covers the screen and ports and should withstand drops off of desks, tables, or shelves.

Who Should Get This?

A protective case will have benefits beyond preventing cracks when your children inevitably drop their iPad from a considerable height. They’ll add water resistance in most instances, and can help maintain the resell or trade-in value of your iPad since it will suffer less damage over its lifetime.

This makes them ideal for parents who want to use the iPad for at least a couple years, don’t want to have to deal with screen repairs, or who plan on eventually exchanging the iPad and want to get the most return value on it.

Even if you are not a parent, the cases listed in this article are extremely protective overall. They’re also effective in other situations such as iPad protection for bike commuters or if you travel heavily. However, they usually aren’t designed to cut back on weight or bulk.

iPad Case for Kids: What to Consider in 2022?

iPad Model

With an increasing range of iPads on the market, you’re going to need to be more and more specific when buying a case. From the huge iPad Pro to the extremely thin Air models, every case is going to be just a little bit different. Since the fit of the case greatly affects how well it works, you’re going to want to double check your model and case match up.

Level of Protection

If your children are older, you may not need as bulky of a case as if your iPad is being used by your kindergartener, but you’re still going to want something that completely surrounds the device with a combination of anti-shock materials. It should come up over the edge of the front of the iPad, and the best cases will also include a snap-on front cover that has a plastic screen barrier built in. For even more protection, opt for a case that includes plugs for the audio jack and charging port. These cases are usually water resistant or waterproof as well.


It may not be at the top of your list, but the market for iPad cases is very expansive so you’ll have plenty of options for personalization once you decide which kind of case meets your needs. If you have more than one iPad in your family, it may even be beneficial to buy the same case in two colors to make them more distinguishable from each other.

Best iPad Case for Kids in 2022: Our Picks

Please note: the products recommended below are hand-picked based on 1). the criteria listed above 2). our own hands-on using experience 3). reputation research we did, mostly gathering what other people say about the product. They are, however, not intended to rank in this order.

1. Favormates Backlit Keyboard Case

This snazzy case from Favormates is great for the young student iPad user. The case is solid all the way through (it has to be to keep the keyboard sturdily attached), and the addition of the keyboard will be great for use in a classroom setting. Available in four colors.

What we like:

  • Backlight has 7 different color settings for fun and personalization.
  • The case is great for kids using their iPads at school where they’ll now have a real keyboard at their fingertips.
  • The case auto wakes and sleeps the iPad, and can be rotated 130 degrees.

What we dislike:

  • Can get a little heavy after a while.

2. BMOUO ShockProof Kids Case Cover With Handle

Becoming more and more popular of late, this case includes a nifty handle that can be converted into a stand and also means you won’t have to carry the iPad for your child anymore. Besides, even if they do accidentally let go of it, the protective case will keep the device in perfect shape.

What we like:

  • Great for young kids and iPads that are always on the go.
  • Handle converts into a stand and the overall case has plenty of padding to protect against shocks.

What we dislike:

  • Can be hard to get the iPad in and out of the case

3. Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad Case

If you have a daughter who is very much into butterflies, this iPad case is definitely designed for her! The material is made from Non-toxic EVA foam rubber, which is super safe for your kids to use. The unique butterfly design not only looks cute, the wings on the back can also be used as kickstand and the degree is adjustable.

What we like:

  • Special butterfly design.
  • Made from non-toxic EVA foam rubber which is light enough.

What we dislike:

  • The case will cover your iPad camera so if you want to take photos you’ll have to take the iPad out, a little bit cumbersome.

4. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad

Otterbox is one of the most well-known names in sturdy cases and for a good reason. The Defender line conforms to their normal standards of durability and design with its sleek and clean backing and unbeatable drop protection. This case can stand up to almost any kid, even during a temper tantrum.

What we like:

  • Brand name reputation means you won’t find defects.
  • Plastic and rubber design makes a more durable combination and includes a front screen protector.
  • Port covers stop dirt and dust from getting into your device’s circuitry.

What we dislike:

  • Tends to be a bulky case.

Additional Tips

Cases are one of the most preventative measures you can take to physically protect an iPad, but did you know that Apple also offers a protective package when buying any of their devices that can be used to extend the warranty and provide more technical support if needed? The AppleCare packages can help you in the event that an accident does happen, and you can learn more about them here.

Another useful feature Apple provides is the ability to enact protective parental controls on your child’s iPad. This will let you prevent them from making purchases in the app store accessing inappropriate web content, and you can get started with this official guide from Apple itself.

Of course, there’s one more way to protect your iPad — Find My iPad. Since kids have a tendency to lose things, you’ll want to make sure this is always enabled on your iPad. Using wifi (or cellular, if you bought data for your iPad), the Find My iPad app from Apple will send you the location of your iPad on a map. This is great not only for lost devices but also stolen ones. Learn how to activate and use Find My iPad from Apple’s expert support database.


An iPad is an investment in fun, practicality, and education. It’s an incredible multipurpose tool that can help your kid explore avenues he or she never imagined or just provide something to do on a rainy afternoon.

Regardless, it’s a delicate device that you’ll want to protect with a well-designed case like one of the ones we have recommended.

Do you have a preferred case or case brand? Tell us about it below so we can hear what you have to say on the matter!

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