3 Best GPS for Truckers in 2022

How annoying can these be? You are getting stuck in your truck for long hours because of traffic delays. Or missing your turns and blocked roadways, which resulted in a major setback in deliveries?

If you’re reading this article right now, it means you can relate to these issues, and you want it to stay in the past. The best way to avert these issues is to use a GPS.

Getting the best GPS for truckers is a smart and intuitive system that will change your game for good. These devices don’t stop at showing drivers the route ahead, but they also show roads that are inaccessible to trucks.

So, using a GPS means that you and your truck will be safe from accidents that could occur from getting lost! But is that all? Nah! Since it helps you travel through the shortest possible route, it automatically increases your productivity.

Do you want to know more about this fantastic system that does all the work ahead while you drive with ease? This guide will help you through your buying journey with factors to consider and a few recommendations.

Quick Summary

We took out time to check out a ton of GPS for truckers on the market, and we came up with three products that met our requirements in the area of notifications, cost, real-time tracking, and mounting systems.

  • If you prefer a GPS with a highly user-friendly interface, backup camera compatibility amongst other special features, the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is ideal.
  • If you want a device that provides accurate direction guides and keeps you on the correct route, go for the YoJetSing GPS.
  • Do you want a GPS with a crystal clear screen and a unique touch-screen that allows you to see your directions even if you sit farther than normal? Go for the Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S 7.

Who Should Get This?

These days, it’s quite challenging to find people that use paper maps. And if you only depend on your smartphone, you can attest to the fact that it has its limitations. But, a truck GPS powered by your truck’s battery offers a reliable connection and stays powered for longer hours if it’s unplugged.

The truck GPS is the best device to rely on when you want information like the speed limits and weight limits on particular roads or the most accessible roads for trucks. The device also helps you access maintenance reports by providing information on tire mileage, hours driven, fuel usage, etc.

With a GPS for trucks, you can reach your destination efficiently and expeditiously—which is the goal. After all, time is money. Are you a fleet manager? If yes, then the GPS will help you monitor the driving habits of your employees and ensure that they avoid any reckless behavior.

Best GPS for Truckers: What to Consider in 2022?

Here are the things you should look out for before buying a GPS for your truck:

Mounting Systems

You should go for systems that are portable and allows you to install it in a safe and easy-to-see location. That way, you won’t have to hold or keep it somewhere unsafe while you’re using it—or even pay extra for mounting accessories.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and alerts are crucial to keep you updated about your route—thus, you can avoid unnecessary stops or tolls. Hence, it’s ideal to buy a GPS that is programmed to navigate audibly or has an explicit notification you can understand without taking your eyes completely off the road for long.

Screen Size

First off, you’re using a truck, so you shouldn’t bother about a big-screen obstructing your view because the distance between your windshield and dashboard is vast. So, it’s best to go for a large screen—because they are quite useful, especially when you need to take turns on short notice. The least you should go for is five-inches of the display. Anything less than that will make you squint for directions—which could be dangerous.

Truck-Specific Systems

You should go for a GPS that can show you information like a clearance height of bridges, or nearby weigh stations. Other truck-specific features include keeping track of hours, ability to log data, etc.

Real-Time Tracking or Passive

Real-time tracking is ideal for drivers that need information about their route in real-time or an update of what is ahead. While a passive tracking system is excellent for a fleet manager—because it collects data about a trucker’s trip that they can access at any time.

Traffic Data

If you live in an area where traffic isn’t an issue, you may not need this function. But, if you’re a truck driver working in the metropolitan areas—where traffic could be a deadlock, you need traffic data services to help you beat a tight delivery deadline instead of sitting in traffic for long hours.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity

You may need to make an urgent call while you drive. But, that could get you in trouble with other motorists, or authorities. Thus, you should opt for a GPS unit that’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi compatible. That way, you can pair the device with your smartphone and make or receive calls hands-free.

Built-in Dash Cams

This particular feature may not be necessary. But it’s useful for legal evidence that could protect you in the event of insurance fraud or accident.

Best GPS for Truckers: Our Picks for 2022

1. Garmin Nuvi 57LM

The Garmin Nuvi 57LM is a versatile and handy navigator that isn’t specifically for trucks, but it works perfectly for one. It has a screen size of five-inches that offers clear directions out loud. And truckers can use this device to select a route easily with its Direct Access function.

The screen updates you with data like the name of the street you’re currently on, your estimated arrival time, and speed while you drive. With this device, you can have access to an instant directory of stops, POIs, and top restaurants along your way thanks to its pre-installed Foursquare App.

Unfortunately, the system isn’t compatible with Bluetooth. But, it’s compatible with any wireless backup camera—which is a plus for navigating and parking in urban areas. The system has free maps updates for life—which means that the device doesn’t go out of date.

Another snag with this system is the fact that it lacks pre-programmed truck-specific information like service points and weighs stations. But, the good news is that the device has a transparent navigation system that can easily find those points. So, it’s a great navigator for a mid-range price.

What We Like:

  • It comes with 10 million POIs preloaded
  • It doesn’t go out of date
  • The system is versatile
  • It’s compatible with any wireless

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s not compatible with Bluetooth

2. YoJetSing GPS

YoJetSing GPS is a navigation system that’s for trucks. The system provides accurate direction guides that will let you know about traffic alerts, speed limits, and height restrictions. With the device, it’s easy for you to stay on the correct route, while you avoid complicated viaducts and labyrinth junctions.

The model comes with a battery that keeps its charge for an extended period. Plus, the system has excellent satellite navigation. The device is quite easy to manage and fast to setup. The system has maps of Mexico, Canada, and the USA. And you can also download maps of Europe as well. Interestingly, this model is compatible with trucks and six other different vehicle modes like a car, bus, pedestrian, bicycle, taxi, and emergency.

What We Like:

  • The device allows you to choose the best route for the best situation
  • It comes with a 12-months guarantee
  • Large 7-inch display
  • FM transmitter that lets you hear sound through the car speakers
  • It’s affordable
  • It has a fixed speed warning to avoid over-speeding

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s not ELD compatible

3. Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

The Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S is a fantastic truck navigator with a massive 7-inch screen that allows you to see your notifications or alerts, and truck friendly route even when you’re sitting further away than usual. Asides the fact that the screen is crystal clear, it has a unique touch-screen you can use while you wear gloves and see easily in direct sunlight.

The device has its lane guidance that shows truckers an updated animation of the best lane for different situations. And it offers a realistic view of the upcoming junction—to assist you in the right path at any complicated highway interchanges.

Since the system is specifically for trucks, it comes with some smart functions like bride heights, upcoming road conditions, weight limits, and Sharpe curves. It also has other Drive safe features like the Garmin Gears—which informs you about the gear you should be in or warn you about any gear changes you may need to make.

The model is not cheap, but you’ll be impressed with the fact that the system has an IFTA logging feature. This feature gives you the freedom to record mileage by state and car mode. Hence, you can decide to switch off the trucking directions and drive home with standard directions.

What We Like:

  • It has a large screen
  • The system has lane guidance
  • It has smart functions
  • IFTA logging feature

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s expensive

FAQs about GPS for Trucks

What’s the next step if I discover that my truck device doesn’t work?

If you find out that your unit doesn’t work, you can do two things. The first one is to disconnect the device from the power source. After that, turn the device off for about 10 minutes and power it on. If that doesn’t work, you can long-press the reset button. Then, reconnect the unit to the power source.

If that doesn’t work, you have to contact the brand’s tech support for assistance.

Can a GPS monitor the state of the goods in my truck?

Fortunately, most GPS units can capture data about the condition of your cargo, like the temperature of the refrigerated units. The system can also send you alerts if you engage in activities that may compromise your safety as you transport your cargo like over speeding.

Final Verdict

From the look of things, a proficient GPS unit can do wonders for your routine—as long as it has the right features that suit your needs. Plus, it takes your mind off digging through maps.

What are your thoughts about our guide? Did we miss out your favorite brand? Which of our recommendations do you plan to try out? You can air your views in the comments section.

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