3 Best Clear Cases for iPhone 11 in 2022

With the new iPhone 11 line of phones being released recently, everyone is rushing to pick one up. However, when you pick up it is also a good idea to get a protective case. These will ensure your phone survives being dropped or hit. However, one gripe with these cases is that they often cover the design of the phone.

Thankfully, clear cases exist. A clear case gives great protection, while still allowing you to show off the design of your new phone. This guide is going to go over some of the best clear cases for the iPhone 11.

Quick Summary

  • If you’re looking for a durable, light and crystal clear case from a trusted and popular provider, consider the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. It is also incredibly thin, is quite light and leaves easy access to all buttons.
  • If you’re after a larger and more durable case, consider the CANSHN iPhone 11 Case. It offers full protection, and features a coating to reduce fingerprints and helps the phone have long-lasting clarity.
  • If you want great value without sacrificing protection, the Trianium Clarium Series iPhone 11 Case might be for you. From its two layers of protection, to its fully transparent and sleek design, it is a good option.

Who Should Get This?

A clear iPhone case is perfect for those who want protection for their device, but still want to see their new phone and admire its design. Also, if you regularly drop your phone, keep it in the same pocket as other items or want to protect it from accidents, it is a good idea to have a case.

If not, you leave your phone completely prone to potential damage. Not only does this damage look bad, but it can also be expensive to fix.

Of course, if you prefer not to use a case on your iPhone 11, getting a clear case likely won’t be for you. Also, if you prefer a case with a unique design or color to it, a clear case may not tickle your fancy like other options.

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 11: What to Consider in 2022


With the main purpose of the case being to protect your phone from various types of damage, you want to ensure it is durable. The case should stand up to many drops and hits without breaking or showing too much wear and tear. It should be made of a material capable of withstanding regular use without potentially damaging your device.

Weight and Size

Another consideration to make before deciding which clear case for the iPhone 11 to buy some down to its size and weight. You want a case that fits your phone snuggly, and also one that isn’t too large and bulky. A heavy or bulky case, while durable and secure, can often make your phone larger and more uncomfortable to hold or carry.

Raised Edges

While many cases protect only the back of the phone from drop damage, that is beginning to change. Many cases are being shipped with raised edges, so that if the phone is dropped flat, the edges will take the impact, not the screen. If you want the best protection, make sure you consider getting a case with a raised lip or raised edges to make sure your screen is protected as well.

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 11: Our Picks for 2022

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen has been a popular provider of iPhone cases for years and it’s easy to see why. They offer durable and light cases, that won’t break the bank. The crystal clear Ultra Hybrid provides a hard back with a flexible bumper to survive a number of drops or hits.

The raised bezels provide protection for both the screen and the camera, and the case only adds .13 inches of depth to your device, so it is very slim. The buttons are easy to press in this case and it will let you show off your phone’s design clearly, without the potential for damage.


  • Very thin
  • Can be used with wireless chargers
  • Light, but without sacrificing durability


  • Some edges are quite smooth, which can hurt grip
  • Can be a magnet for fingerprints, so be ready to wipe it frequently

2. CANSHN iPhone 11 Case

This case is one of the most advanced and user-friendly on the market. It is incredibly flexible and easy to put on and take off, but still offers world-class protection. Raised edges protect the screen and camera, and the case is designed very intelligently.

For example, it has little slits cut out on the bottom of the case to provide wider sound, without making your phone any more prone to damage. The case is anti-yellowing and doesn’t show fingerprints as easily as many others. The corners are also reinforced to protect from impact.


  • Offers wider stereo playback
  • Increased protection on the corners of the phone, where many drops have their impact
  • Coating helps prevent the case from yellowing over time


  • A little on the larger and thicker side
  • Can be some echoes during phone calls

3. Trianium Clarium Series iPhone 11 Case

Two layers of protection make this case a great option for those looking to protect their phone. It features a shock-absorbing frame, and then a durable body to protect against all kinds of damage. Despite this, the case still looks very sleek and slim on your device.

Raised edges and a scratch-resistance round up the amazing protection features of the device. Best of all, the case comes with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that you’re covered and the provider stands by their products.


  • Features two different layers of protection
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Fits with nearly any screen protector


  • Some of the buttons can be a little tough to press

Useful Tips and Resource

Getting a new iPhone 11 likely wasn’t cheap, and as a result, you should use a case to protect your investment. However, there is something very satisfying about being able to see the design and color of your device.

A clear case is the best of both worlds as it still offers protection, without covering up your device too much. Of course, just because your phone has a case doesn’t mean you should start throwing it around or treating it recklessly.

In addition to protecting your phone with a clear case, you should also look into protecting the front screen of the phone with a screen protector. These will prevent the screen from cracking or getting smudged with oils from your fingers. Some screen protectors are notoriously hard to apply well, but this video can help:

Final Words

If you want to protect your iPhone 11, without hiding its sleek design, a clear case makes sense for you. While the iPhone 11 has only been around for a short period of time, there have already been many high quality and clear cases released for the device.

The three we have mentioned are among the best and most popular, and any would be a great choice for protecting your phone.

Do you know about another clear case for the iPhone 11 that should be included in this guide? If so, leave a comment below and let us know!

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