The Best Case for Kindle Paperwhite (Top 3 Choices in 2019)

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You wouldn’t leave your paperbacks vulnerable to the weather, poor handling, or clumsiness, so it makes sense that your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite should get the same treatment.

While your digital library may have the benefit of being backed up to the cloud, you still don’t want to have to deal with damaged electronics, warranties, or lengthy phone calls with the support staff so it’s best to simply invest in a good case.

Looking for an intriguing design? Drop protection? A mix? There are plenty of options, and we’ll show you what some of our favorite cases for Kindle Paterwhite in this post.

Quick Summary

Best Protection: OtterBox Defender Series Protective Case
Otterbox is known for protective cases, and this one falls right in line with 3 case layers to reduce drop damages, prevent scratches, and keep your Kindle in top shape.

Best for Simplicity: MoKo Sleeve for Kindle Paperwhite
Perfect for travel, light use, or storage, the Moko Sleeve will protect your Paperwhite from light bumps and scrapes while it isn’t in use, and even comes with a pocket for any accessories or other devices you also want to store.

Best All-Purpose: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case
This lightweight case is made by Amazon to perfectly fit all generations of the Paperwhite and features a magnetic closure and folio-style case design.

Who Should Get This?

Own a Kindle Paperwhite? Then you should definitely have a case for it as well.

While some people are comfortable keeping their device exactly how it came out of the box, it is much more common to find them in cases instead for several reasons.

A case will help prevent damage to the device, make it easier to hold in many cases, and can offer additional features that help with accessibility or daily use. Especially if you frequently travel with your Paperwhite, a case is the smart choice.

On the other hand, if you tend to leave it at home and never really remove it from your favorite reading spot, you might be fine without — but we do strongly advise you at least store it in a protected location.

Best Case for Kindle Paperwhite: What to Consider?


Love the feel of leather or hate silicon? Since you’ll be holding the device in the case, make sure to pick something that you’re comfortable with. Additionally, different materials have different benefits — silicon is easy to put on and remove, but these “skins” sometimes leave a residue on your device. On the other hand, a hard plastic case is more protective but usually doesn’t snap off as easily as it snaps on.

Style & Design

Cases are versatile, so embrace that! From solid, dark colors to vibrant, pattern covered designs, the case for your Kindle doesn’t need to feel clunky or out of style. Instead, when you find a case you like, check out the manufacturer and see if they offer more colors and designs. Most will have something to offer or may list different colors separately rather than as one product.


Any case is better than no case, but some cases are better than others when it comes to protection. A simple sleeve will protect your Kindle while it’s in transport but not while you’re using it, while an Otterbox is more drop-proof and a folio-type cover is better for protecting the screen. Keep in mind what your needs are (and if you’re naturally clumsy) before making any final choices on a case.

Best Case for Kindle Paperwhite: Top Choices 2019

1. OtterBox Defender Series Protective Case

If you’re looking for a case that means business, this is it. The Otterbox brand isn’t just for your latest iPhone – their line of cases extends to the Kindle Paperwhite and offers the same brand of heavy-duty protection that the brand is associated with.


  • Heavy duty case is designed in three layers to prevent any damage from occurring to your Kindle.
  • Great for outdoor use or while traveling, and super sage for use with kids.
  • Built-in stand for propping the Kindle up in portrait mode.


  • Very bulky compared to other cases available.

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2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

A case made by Amazon for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, this model fits all generations of the Paperwhite and securely locks it into a black leather folio design case. It’s the lightest and thinnest model available and comes with a magnetic clasp to make sure the cover stays closed when you aren’t using your paperwhite.


  • Like most magnetic cases, it turns your Kindle on and off when it is opened or closed.
  • The design will perfectly and snugly fit your Paperwhite for the maximum security and leaves the ports available at the bottom so you don’t have to take off the case for charging.


  • Since there’s only a band and not a magnet to keep the case closed, sometimes the cover slides around a bit or doesn’t stay securely closed.

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3. MoKo Sleeve for Kindle Paperwhite

Perfect for when you want to travel safe but use your Kindle unhindered, a sleeve is a perfect option. It’s specially meant for when your Kindle is in storage, and the soft felt protects the screen from scratches and dings, and this particular case features a velcro closure that will make sure nothing slips out.


  • In addition to the main pocket for your Kindle, there is a smaller pocket for your phone or any accessories.
  • The protective felt won’t scratch your screen and will prevent your Kindle from getting any scratches or unwanted dings.
  • It’s super light and great for portability.


  • Doesn’t protect your Kindle while it is in use, only when stored.

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Useful Kindle Paperwhite Tips

Is your Kindle Paperwhite new? While all Kindles come with a user manual downloaded and ready for you to read, it isn’t exactly the sort of thing you want to spend all day pointlessly paging through. Once you have the basics of your Kindle set up, you can check this guide from PCMag to learn some of the smaller tricks and features that can be very helpful but a bit hidden.

If your Kindle isn’t quite as new and has managed to collect some grime, you can follow the basic instructions for cleaning a smartphone or tablet screen on Lifehacker. The basic idea is to use a mixture of vinegar and water to dampen a cloth, but you should read about it in more detail here.


Whether you need a protective powerhouse to protect your Kindle from kids, yourself, or the elements or want something simple just for traveling, a case is a great addition to your device.

You have thousands upon thousands of books at your disposal with the Paperwhite, and it’d be a shame to have that access cut off due to a tiny error. We’ve shown you some of our favorite models – now show us yours by leaving a comment below! We’d love to hear which case designs are your favorite and why.

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