Are Acer Laptops Good for Gaming?

Acer is among the leading brands when it comes to computers. Acer has a comprehensive list of pc and accessories to fit everyone from budget students to wealthy people. Clients who purchase Acer’s gaming laptops have nothing but positive things about them.

Gamers are delighted with their gaming laptops since they offer incredible specs and a mean-looking appearance that says business. So the question comes, are Acer laptops good for gaming? Yes, and No, we’ll see why in a minute. 

This article has further details regarding Acer laptops. You will know why they are an excellent choice for you and why you should or shouldn’t consider them as gaming laptops.

Who Manufactures Acer Laptops?

Acer laptops are a trademark of Acer Incorporated, a chain of electronics and IT companies. The company is a product of Stan Shih. He named it Multitech at this point.

Multitech didn’t start as a computer company. Instead, it made semiconductors and other electronic pieces. Over the years, the company grew and began producing its computers. This led to the name change to Acer in 1987. 

Acer incorporation is a big brand now manufacturing both computer hardware and electronics. Among their computers are laptops which are cheap and affordable. 

Are Acer Laptops Good for Gaming?

As earlier stated, Acer laptops are both an option or not for gaming. Not all Acer laptops are suitable for gaming. These are the low-budget and mid-range laptops. They have proper hardware and software capabilities. However, they are not good enough to handle heavy games. Acer gaming laptops are entirely a different story.

Acer has a selection of gaming laptops that have unique specifications. The name accompanying the gaming laptops also is as good as the machine “The Acer Predator.” 

This machine lets games run smoothly. The laptop allows overclocking to boost your performance when having fun. 

Furthermore, Acer gaming laptops are designed for immersion. They have extra-large screens with vibrant picture quality and speakers, giving you a fun gaming experience. So yes, Acer has good gaming laptops.

Features of Acer Gaming Laptops

Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptops have a series of laptops. Most of them share similar features, which include:

  • Windows 10 Home and 11 Home operating system
  • Intel Core i7 processor [email protected] speed
  • 15.6″ to 17.3″ inch FHD(192081080) and QHD(2560*1440) screen
  • 16 or 32Gb DDR4 SDRAM memory
  • 512Gb HDD or SSD storage 
  • Backlit Keyboard.

Best Acer Laptops for Gaming

With the specs outlined, let’s look at the best Acer gaming laptops. However, the best Acer predator series is the Triton 900

Triton 900 has a 17″ 4k touch screen display and a mechanical keyboard. The laptop has an RTX 2080 GPU. This comes at a $4000 price. However, there’s the Triton 500, which is cheaper and a good alternative for the Triton 900. 

There’s also the Acer Predator Helio series, with Helios 300 being the best. The Helio 300 has a 15.6″ full HD display. The Helios 300 has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and a Core i7 processor. The gaming laptop can run big games like Minecraft, Apex Gaming, Fortnite, GTA V, and Pubg.

Why Acer Is a Good Brand

Acer has amazing features you should consider when buying a laptop. They include:

Good value selection

Acer laptops come in a wide range from cheap budget to costly laptops. You can also select from business laptops, convertible art laptops, and high-end gaming laptops. 

Easy access to parts and accessories

Acer laptops are cheap and affordable. Most budget laptops aren’t as durable as premium ones. However, you can easily find replaceable parts in the market. Acer produces many backup parts that you can use later for replacements. Nonetheless, replacement parts for premium gaming laptops are not easily accessible like the budget laptop parts.

Good for gaming

Acer is famous for its Predator series of gaming laptops fighting for the top lists in the competitive market. These laptops are built for operating heavy games and software. Their specifications give you a wonderful gaming experience. 

Innovation in new models

Innovation makes a product unique and different from previous versions. Acer recognizes this, striving to make their products stand out, especially in their premium laptops. Acer innovates its products, giving you a wonderful experience. 

Setbacks of Having an Acer Laptop

Acer is generally an excellent electronic and software company, but they’re not perfect. A few setbacks may make you think twice about buying an Acer laptop. We are going to focus on two main setbacks, that is:

Less durability for budget laptops

Cheap laptops are not built to serve long. They’re there to make it easy for many to own laptops. Even with all the parts available for replacement, it may cost you a lot more than purchasing a more expensive laptop.

Unproportional reviews

Acer incorporation has a wide selection of laptops for their customers, which is also a significant risk. Quantity doesn’t go head to head with quality, meaning that not all Acer laptops provide exceptional value. When you’re planning to get an Acer laptop, do proper research to avoid the loss of buying a low-quality laptop. 

Many people give Acer a good review. People mention how they love the wide budget ranges, making them affordable. Furthermore, Acer is also commended for its warranty and customer service, which is fantastic. 


Acer is a well-known laptop manufacturer, but it might do better. Its success originates from its value and selection, but unhappily, its incredible diversity might hinder achieving a good score. Acer’s luxury laptops, as well as their low-cost budget laptops, are popular among customers.

The vast majority of Acer’s laptops are excellent, if not exceptional. However, some of Acer’s laptops are just bad, and they reflect poorly on the company. Acer is overstretching itself with the number of laptop types it produces. They should take a break and concentrate on developing beloved ones by their user base.

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