Adzooma Review: Online Advertising and Marketing Solutions

In the world of online advertising and marketing, things can feel like the wild west if you don’t have a strategic approach. There are plenty of services out there that aim to help you with these efforts but not all are created equal.

In an attempt to sift through this marketing madness and simplify your advertising efforts, Adzooma offers a unique and effective solution. By using AI to simplify your approach, Adzooma allows for an effective means to track advertising campaigns across various metrics and platforms.

But is it the best solution for your needs? Let’s dive in and take a look at Adzooma in-depth below.

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is an often-used advertising platform that aims to help your business grow by using an AI-driven design to manage and simplify all of your online advertising efforts. The software boasts the ability to make any and all of your paid advertising faster and more effective than it would be without the use of the platform.

It is designed to be a piece of intelligent software that can merge the time and energy needed to manage ad campaigns within common outreach platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft in one easy to use and understand location.

In addition to offering a wide range of tools to optimize the performance and reach of your website, Adzooma also offers a marketplace that can connect you to some really great marketing services to improve your business.

How Does it Work?

The brains of this useful software come in the form of Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine which takes a targeted approach to assessing your current advertising and improving things from there. This engine looks at over 50 custom checks that then provide you with specific suggestions towards how you can improve advertising scope and reach.

These suggestions are created by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to look through over 240 metrics which give you a detailed and customized report by looking at your previous campaign data. The suggestions can then be incorporated into an automated advertising system, saving you plenty of time and effort along the way.

A key element to Adzooma’s innovative design is the ability to merge multiple platforms into one, easy-to-manage location. This takes away the headache and confusion caused by jumping from Facebook to Google to anything else and back again. Seemingly a simple feature, this goes a long way towards making Adzooma very useful and effective for many different types of businesses and advertising campaigns.

Adzooma also offers a very intuitive UX that helps simplify your data and creates a way to monitor and track campaigns and results in a much more streamlined manner than doing all of this yourself. This can save you a ton of time while also allowing your campaigns to have a wider reach. You can also control suggestions and apply new opportunities with one-click interface interactions.

Rule-based automation is another stand out feature to the platform and you can use this to your advantage by automatically structuring ad campaigns within certain parameters. This limits the need to manually adjust an ad-spend every time you hit a limit. Setting this automation up is quick, easy, and effective.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Adzooma can be used for free by signing up for an account through their website. This gives you access to the PPC Health Check and Reporting Suite as well as the PPC Account Optimization Platform. These are two solid features that nearly any business can benefit from.

The free use of Adzooma is made possible thanks to the members and businesses who participate in the Adzooma Marketplace which offers a host of other solutions for business owners such as website design, SEO, and app development, among other things.

Adzooma is web-based software and is compatible with many different operating systems, both PC and Mac. It functions within the major ad campaign providers such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft and is easily adaptable into your current workflow.

Is Adzooma Worth It?

Adzooma is certainly worth it for any individual or small business who advertise online. By creating an effective and efficient way to streamline advertising efforts, the software provides a wide range of features that you can benefit from, straight away. Plus, with free access to most services, Adzooma is a cost-effective solution that can help your business grow while expanding your reach and saving you time.

If you run multiple advertising campaigns, the benefit of the software becomes even more apparent and is highly recommended. Gone are the days of attempting to manage small tasks across multiple platforms. The automated features and customized reports will give you new insight into your efforts while simultaneously allowing you understandable data that you can use to your advantage time and time again.

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