Q&A: How to recover deleted RAR files?

I accidentally deleted five .rar files that downloaded and they are something I can't lose. Any chances to recover them? I heard there are some recovery software out there, but not sure which one I should try.

Yes, it's possible to recover your deleted RAR archives though the chance is not a guaranteed 100% because there might be some factors that undermine it, especially if you have continued using the storage device where your RAR files were saved — could be your computer hard drive or a USB flash, either way, ideally the moment you realize they got erased, you should stop using the storage media, meaning no more data activity should happen to the media (ideally).

Why? That's because over new data you create or generate may override the disk space that your RAR files originally took. If that happens, then chances of recovering the items are slim if not impossible. However, the good news is that the "data overwritten" action is unable to be evaluated unless you use some data rescue tools to test.

RAR File Recovery Software

Regarding that, you are absolutely right about the recovery software part. There are such programs in the market, and we have reviewed some too.

Feel free to browse the post to select the right software that supports RAR recovery.

A Quick RAR Recovery Tutorial

In general, there are three steps you'll need to follow: connect, scan and recover.

  1. Connect. If your lost archives were saved in an external drive, you should firstly connect it to a computer, doesn't matter if it's a PC or a Mac. Make sure your computer can detect the device.
  2. Scan. Now download a data recovery program (Windows see here, Mac OS X check here) and install it on your computer. Next, follow the instructions on the program to scan your device to look for recoverable items.
  3. Recover. Your last step is to check if your deleted RAR files are found after the scan, then recover and save to another disk.

Pro tips:

Due to the nature of data recovery, there are a few things we recommend you keep in mind. First of all, do not use the storage media when you notice your RAR files are lost; Next, when using a .rar file retrieval program, it's best to save recovered files to another disk drive rather than the original device. All the precautions are to avoid data overwriting and to increase your chances of recovery.

[Knowledge] What is an RAR file? It is a native archive format compressed through the WinRAR software. WinRAR enables you to create a standard RAR file by shrinking a few separate files into a smaller package, which can be easily distributed via emails or stored on a flash drive. Those who receive an RAR file can also use WinRAR to unpack the archive and quickly extract all separate files it contains.

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