Clone Mac Hard Drive

Back up Mac data by creating exact mirror image of Mac-based hard drives.


Drive Clone Mac

Drive Clone Mac is an easy yet efficient disk to disk copy utility to create clone or image of a specific Mac volume (or entire Mac drive). The cloned hard drive can be used as a ready-to-use copy of the original drive, whereas the image file can be used to restore data in case of any Mac system crash or data loss. With super user friendly interface, no external tech skills needed to handle of the Mac software.


  • Cloning - creates an exact replica of your Mac disk or logical volumes to another disk/volume.
  • Imaging - creates image of any volume or entire Mac hard drive.
  • Restore - option to restore volume from a folder or image file.
  • Boot DVD & Minimal System - provides options to create bootable DVD and Minimal System, can be used to access the system when Mac OS crashes or fails to boot.
  • Support cloning Mac OS X Lion boot volume including Recovery HD.
  • Fully compatible with latest Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger.

Free Download Drive Clone Mac

Version: 2.0        Supported OS: Mac 10.4 or above       Language: English

"The best & proven way to prevent data loss is to make backup in advance. With this disk clone utility, Mac users never have to worry about data loss caused by accidental human error, software or hardware failure etc. I’ll highly recommend it to all Mac users who care their data or love their machines." – Kelly Gibson from New York, United States

Main Features & Benefits


The immensely useful disk cloning software offers you the safest means to clone your Mac hard drive by incorporating several advanced and highly reliable mechanisms to ensure that your data remains secure and protected. The software allows cloning the entire Mac hard drive to a different drive or a particular volume to another volume, folder, or network drive. While cloning Mac disk, the utility provides two different options – 'Clone without resizing' and 'Clone with resizing', whereas under Clone Volume, it provides the options – 'Clone to Volume', 'Clone to Network' and 'Clone to Folder'.



The Mac disk imaging utility helps to create image of any Mac OS X based volume or hard drive. With this image file, you can keep a copy of your important data of the drive and easily restore them in case of any unexpected sufferings such as missing volume, system crash or anything similar. The image file can be saved at any location, including attached network drive. Moreover, the image file takes less storage space to store in comparison to the original size of the drive/volume, because the software excludes the unused space and the data in the bad sectors.



When you want to upgrade to a higher OS X (such as from Snow Leopard to Lion, Lion to Mountain Lion), shifting data to a new hard drive, or your system is infected with a virus or malicious software etc, the Mac drive clone tool can easily restore your Mac volume from the previously created volume image file or the folder containing the backup/clone of the particular volume. The disk copy software restores Mac disk image to the volume, without missing on any data and overwriting the existing files in the volume with the ones in the clone image. Note: the drive clone restoration process is extremely faster than that of the manual process.


Boot DVD & Minimal System

Drive Clone Mac provides two remarkably beneficial options: 'Create Bootable DVD' and 'Create Minimal System Drive'. The bootable DVD can help you boot your system when facing any instance of system failure or crash. You can include multiple applications, depending upon the space in the DVD and run them from the Bootable DVD as well. You do not need to copy the Drive Clone application to the Bootable DVD, as the application is included by default. The created Minimal system will work as a real system with bare minimum features. It includes Apple's default applications, all the files/folders on the desktop and the applications selected by you. This system provides an empty user's folder with all the default preferences. Note: booting from a minimal system is faster than the Bootable DVD.



This feature allows you to personalize the end-task activities of hard drive imaging/cloning. It includes options to set various preferences, such as 'Play Sound', 'Send system to sleep', 'Shutdown system' etc when the job of cloning/imaging gets completed. Meanwhile, you can also set preferences to check for updates at a scheduled day.


System Requirements

Processor: Intel/PowerPC (G4 or above)

Operation System: running with Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space

Memory: 512MB RAM or more

How to Clone Drive Mac - Screenshots & Tutorial

  • Step 1: Install the Mac disk copy application on your machine, see the main interface like below. Click ‘Continue’ to get started.

  • Step 2 : 4 clear options listed on ‘Clone’ module of the software to clone a Mac hard drive or volume.

  • Step 3 : Now the software will give two options whether to clone without any changes or to resize the source drive on the destination drive.

  • Step 4 : ‘Imaging’ module to create image of the hard drive or volume. Choose destination and save it to any choosed location.

  • Step 5 : With this function, you can easily & quickly restore any previously cloned drive/volume/folder data or the previously created Image of the hard drive or volume back to its original state in the source drive.

  • Step 6 : In this function, you can create the Bootable DVD with the currently installed applications or a Minimal System consisting only of the minimum operating system files required to boot the computer.

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