How to Let Internet Explorer Save Password or Logins


If you don’t want to input the same password for specific account while using Internet Explorer to surf the net, then you can enable IE to save or remember your password or login info. As IE has the “AutoComplete” ability to safely store your information such as username, passwords, and others info for your favorite websites that you visit often.


The AutoComplete function enables IE users to specify which passwords should be remembered by the program. When you fill in a form which requires a password or when you log in to a website, Internet Explorer displays a message box asking whether you would like the program to remember your password or not. The functionality reduces the hassle of having to remember your log-in information for each site you visit, as IE will "AutoComplete" it for you. If this setting is disabled, you can easily enable it in IE's Internet Options settings pane.


Here shows how you can do this easily:


Step 1: Double click and open Internet Explorer. Click “Tools” -> “Internet Options” -> “Content” tab.


Step 2: Go to “Settings” which is next to “AutoComplete” and check the option “Prompt me to save passwords”.


Step 3: Click “Ok” and it’s done!


Now you can take a try: visit a website that you need to logon, you should see the prompt to save passwords.



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