How to Recover Files from iPod Touch 4G


recover files from iPod Touch Mac

Apple iPod Touch (4G/5G) has been extremely popular nowadays as its design and functions are best of best for those PC or Mac users who like listening to music and love fashion. But what if you accidentally erased some precious music, movies, books & other files bought from Apple Store? That’s really quite a loss. So the question is “possible to undelete files off iPod Touch on Mac?” Another more serious scenario: your iPod Touch got screen broken or water damaged even totally stolen by someone! Can the data still be recoverable on Mac machine?


Well, common belief bears no hope for that thinking the data are gone for good no matter after suffering accidental deletion or device loss. Is that true? Absolutely not! The fact is – you still have chances to recover deleted or lost files from iTouch 4G on your Mac machine. There is one thing provided – before the iPod Touch data loss happens, you ever sync data via iTunes installed on your Mac machine. Then you are sure to restore the lost iPod Touch files right on your Mac computer with the right software (see below).


If your Mac machine is running with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) operation system, go to iPod Touch Data Recovery (for PC). 2 powerful recovery modes (Directly Scan & Recover from iPod Touch 4, Extract iTunes Backup Files & Restore iTouch Data) are provided for comprehensive iPod Touch file recovery.


If your are under Mac OS X, then take a try iPod Touch Recovery for Mac – software works even to retrieve iPod Touch files including pictures, movies, songs & more on OS X 10.5 or above including latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The program runs without connecting iPod Touch or launching iTunes. Only 3 steps needed to get the job done: install on Mac -> start scan for lost iPod Touch files -> preview and recover found files. Done!


**Please Note: if you want to maximize chances of data recovery, try your best to avoid iPod Touch data overwritten which means you should not sync data via iTunes on the same Mac machine, nor should you let the Macintosh HD have any possibility to meet physical damage.



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