How to Quickly Shut Down or Restart Windows XP


As a PC user, we are used to deal with everything with “speed” – speed up a computer, speed up a game, and there also comes the need for speeding up Windows XP shut down or reboot. If you experiencing the Windows XP operating system shutdown slowly, and seems like always waiting for quite a long time before your PC completely closes, the issues are mainly caused by that the system is waiting for services to eliminate after notifying them that the system is going to shut down or restart immediately. Other than that, Windows may be also waiting for the timeout to kill opening applications.


If you intend to make your Windows XP system shut down or restart more quickly, just follow the step by step guidelines below. All you need to do is to create a quick shortcut for a command which will allow you to finish the task quickly. No more time waste.


Note: if you want to make your Windows XP run faster, go and try the speed up PC software. For Mac OS X based computers, turn to speed up Mac instead.


Quickly Shut Down Windows XP

  • Right click on an empty area on your PC desktop;
  • Select "New" and go to "Shortcut" option;
  • In the space provided "Enter the location of the item," type shutdown-s-t 30. Note: make sure you add a space;
  • Click "Next" and choose a name;
  • Click "Finish";
  • Now a new icon will be created, you can click it to shut down you Windows XP computer in a few seconds.


More about the command “shutdown-s-t 30” - the shutdown command is used to stop a local client; The attribute:-s means that it will turn off the computer; The attribute: -t 30 means that Windows OS will wait 30 seconds before shutting down; You change the time by changing the number after -t.


Quickly Restart Windows XP

  • Right Click on an open space on the desktop;
  • Select "New", again move to "Shortcut";
  • In the "Enter the location of the item" and type shutdown-r-t 5, also make sure to add a space;
  • Click "Next" and choose a name to describe it;
  • Click "Finish";
  • Same here, the new created icon will enable you to restart your Windows XP quickly.


More about the command “shutdown-r-t 5” - The attribute: -r- means the pc will restart; The attribute: r-30 means that Windows OS will wait 30 seconds before restarting; Change time by changing the number after -t.


Now check if the information in this article has helped you out in shutting down or rebooting your Window XP computer.