What’s the Best Recovery Tool to Retrieve Music & Files from iPod?

It's annoying even scary if you just can't find some songs on your iPod. Maybe you've just deleted them unintentionally, or they lost after a sync failure or iOS update (iPod Touch only). Good news is you may not necessarily lose them forever, provided that you take action quickly, not until one year later.

Thanks to technology, there are several ways to recover iPod file depending upon the iPod models you're using, though. More specifically, it's software. Frankly, there is a broad range of backup and recovery software out there. A simple Google search will reveal a long list.

What's the best iPod data recovery software? Today we're bound to share all of them with you. Our goal is simple — to help you restore your deleted or lost music, and other types of files.

First things first: super important

No matter you use an iPod Touch or an iPod Nano, Shuffle, when you realize that some or all of your songs are gone, stop using the device! Do not attempt to transfer other files to the device, as you may significantly decrease your chances of recovery. Because the lost data are probably still intact in the flash storage of your device.

Next, grab a recovery software to see if it can help you retrieve your lost content.

Here, we need to break down the software into two categories — based on the iPod model you use: iPod Touch vs other classic iPods.

Why that matters? Because iPod Touch is the only iPod in the family that is equipped with iOS, a mobile operating system mainly designed for iPhones and iPads; While iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic, etc., instead run custom software.

iPod Touch Data Recovery Software

Recently Deleted — if your iPod Touch is with iOS 8 or later, you'll find this "Recently Deleted" folder within Photos app (in the Albums tab). If you've deleted some photos or videos, they'll go to this folder and stay there for up to 30 days. So go check it out first.

iCloud — except music, almost every type of key data (e.g. pictures, videos, contacts, calendar, etc.) can be backed up by iCloud if you've enabled it in your iPod iTouch. This Apple article has more info.

iTunes — similar to iCloud, iTunes app also has the capability to backup all the data on your iPod Touch. If your songs and files deleted after you made an iTunes backup, chances are high to restore the lost items. See this official Apple support guide.

Stellar Data Recovery for iOS — recognized as one of the best iOS data recovery software, is able to scan and retrieve all types of inaccessible or lost data from any iOS devices including iPod Touch. Below is a screenshot of this software.

Data Recovery Software for iPod Nano, Shuffle, Mini, Classic

iTunes library — this is the first place we'd suggest you go check out. Sometimes even if you have deleted some songs off your iPod, there may be a copy in the iTunes library. Also, if you've backed up your iPod, restoring the data is also easy. This ilounge article tells how.

Stellar Photo Recovery — if you don't have any backups, then a third-party recovery app may be your last option. Stellar can retrieve pictures, videos, and songs. Download and install the app on your computer (PC or Mac) first, then connect your iPod. Run a quick or full scan of the device to see if it would return any recoverable files.

What's your opinion?

Hopefully, you've tried some of the above iPod data recovery programs. What do you think? Have you managed to get back your lost songs or other kinds of files? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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