3 Solutions for Retrieving Deleted or Missing Notes on iPad

Have you ever deleted some notes on your iPad or you find several notes missing after updating your iPad to a newer iOS? It's annoying to see some of the content you've spent hours working lost.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can try to recover these deleted or lost notes from your iPad.

Please note: if you decide to restore your iPad from an available backup that you have, make sure you backup your recent content (especially contacts, photos, videos, etc.) first. Just in case there would be anything unexpected.

#1: check your latest iCloud backups

Go to Apple iCloud official website — www.icloud.com log into your account. You should be able to see the main screen similar to the screenshot below. Click on the "Notes" icon, now check if your missing notes are here. If yes, restore them to your iPad by following this Apple official guide.

iCloud restore Notes

#2: see if you've got iTunes backup on your PC or Mac

Open iTunes app on your computer, click the iTunes logo on the top left corner, select "Preferences" > "Devices", now check if you have backed up your iPad before. If you do, remember to check the date the backup was made. Because if you have backed up since your notes were deleted or missing, you'll not have the notes on that backup. Read this Apple guide if you need any help.

iTunes device backups screenshot

#3: data recovery software may help as well

If the above two backup restoration solutions don't work, then your last chance is to try some third-party data rescue programs. Note: there is a vast range of data recovery software available on the market, but few are capable of handling data loss from iPads.

Hence, we have reviewed our best iPad data recovery tools in another article. What differentiates the software from Apple's iTunes or iCloud backup solutions is: the kind of software is able to directly scan your iPads to look for your recently deleted items.

Dr.Fone, for example, has three recovery modes, one of which is "Recover from iOS Devices" — that allows you to scan for any recoverable data directly from your iPad after it's connected. Note: you'll be instructed to enter DFU mode first.

Download Dr.Fone to PC          Download Dr.Fone to Mac

Final words

Losing iPad notes we've spent hours even days taking can be scary, but recovering them can be often easy provided that you've made proper backups. Also, an iPad file recovery app might help if backup solutions fail to assist.

Hope you find this iPad troubleshooting article helpful. One last tip: Apple Notes may not be the best note-taking app, EverNote has a decent word-of-mouth there and it does have a Trash to recycle your accidentally deleted notebooks or notes.

Cover image credit to Dummies.

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