Unfreeze Computer

Quick software solution to unfreeze Windows, PC, laptop, computer.


Are you looking for a quick yet simple way to unfreeze your computer that is working abnormally such as freezes at startups occasionally or keeps freezing when open a program now and then? There are quite many reasons can lead to a freezing PC or laptop, usually you have to check & resolve the possible issues one by one. However, with the N-in-1 PC health check software, you can achieve computer unfreeze efficiently.


unfreeze pc
  • 1 click to detect & fix all your Windows programs.
  • Repair system registry errors that may cause freezing issue.
  • Update all driver issues such drivers outdated/missing etc and make devices run smoothly.
  • Clean all unnecessary files including junks, Temporary files, Internet caches, and more.
  • Defrag PC hard drive to free more disk space and put all files in order.
  • More useful utilities are equipped to help unfreeze and improve PC performance.


Note: for Mac OS X based computers, please go and see how to unfreeze a Mac

Version: 3.1           Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8        Language: English

When a computer freezes or keeps freezing here or there, there can be a lot of causes. The primary one is corrupt registry. Registry is an important part of the windows operating system. It connects programs to your computer, letting related software and hardware can run smoothly. The issue can also be caused by driver errors, if some of the drivers are missing or outdated, then some hard devices can go wrong and take long time to respond. Other reasons can be overload start up programs, not enough free disk space, poor system security software that already takes too much valuable resources, & hardware issues for example, not enough RAM, less advanced processors etc. When the problem happens, it is never too late to unfreeze a PC as long as you act as soon as possible. If you want to fix the problem quickly & thoroughly, it is recommended to use the following PC software to deal with it.


How to Unfreeze Your Computer


With the PC unfreeze program, you can resolve the issue in just a few minutes starting from one simply click. No extra skills needed!


First of all - you need to download and install the program on your Windows based laptop or PC that occurred or occurs freezing errors. Launch the program and “Click to Start Scan” to get started.

The next step – now the software will start a free scanning process. It may take seconds to minutes before the procedure is completed. Then a diagnostic report will be given. Check the image similar below.

The last step – simply click the “Fix All” button to make all things right. Note: you need to register for a key code to activate the program if you don’t have. To test if your PC has been unfreezed, restart your computer and check.