iMac is Running Slow? Easy Solution to Speed up iMac


speed up iMac

Having an iMac machine is definitely great. But is your iMac running slower than it used to? Like a car, without good care and maintenance, it can work sluggishly day by day, year by year. Then are you wondering how to speed up iMac without requiring too much hassle? Keep reading on you can achieve for free in just a few minutes.


Why My iMac Is Running Slow? Explore the Reasons


Generally there are 2 main causes for a slow iMac computer: outdated hardware & poor system maintenance. For hardware issues such as low processers, not enough RAM, lack of free disk space etc. But nowadays major reasons are related with system as Mac’s hardware configuration is usually superior. For example your iMac contains too many useless files (system junks, Temporary files), Internet caches/history, overload login items etc. Other possible causes like running too many programs at one time, poor security software taking too much resource, for this point, you can launch Activity Monitor and change "My Processes" at the top to "All Processes". Then see what may be consuming your iMac system’s resources.


Speed up iMac – Simplest Solution

If you don’t want to check all slow iMac issues one by one and fix them separately, then a iMac tune up software may come right to help. We recommend iMac users to try MacKeeper 2013. The 16-in-1 software package can be regarded as a powerful and efficient Mac cleaning program that can rat out the devilish pointless data hijacking vital space on your iMac hard drive, cramped chaos etc resulting in an aggravating Mac running slow. MacKeeper's main advantage over other freeware apps is its all-in-one concept. You won't need to install and run numerous apps - you'll have to install only one app and speed up your iMac from all types of junk with just one click!

MacKeeper speed up iMac


What Can It Do to Tune up Your iMac

  • Delete useless parts of binary applications generated on your iMac;
  • Clean out cache files left behind when you surf the internet or use other applications;
  • Find and get rid of duplicated files iMac users forget to delete;
  • Clean unnecessary interface language packs which has been built into apps on your iMac that can consume a lot of hard drive space;
  • Check for files you haven't opened for a long time. It would be quite difficult to locate these files manually, as you may have already forgotten about their existence;
  • More great utilities out there to fulfill more tasks to help improve your iMac performance.

improve iMac performance