8 Tips to Speed up My Laptop for Free


speed up my laptopNo matter you are using an aging or brand new laptop, it can get slow one day due to many a reasons.


“I am currently use my Samsung laptop running windows 7 home basic. I am a computer newbie and generally I use the laptop to surf the net, make documents, chat with friends, play music (on iTunes) and occasionally for flash games on Internet. But recently the computer is extremely slow. How can speed up my laptop for free (without paying a cent to upgrade or buy a new one)? I already checked the hardware configuration and all new and up-to-date.”


Quite a lot of possible reasons are out there that may cause an old even brand new laptop running slow or have a bad performance. They can be: virus or spyware infection, poor system protection software (which takes too much system progresses), corrupted registry issues, too many junk files, overloaded system programs, remnants of uninstalled applications and more. Here are 8 free tips or tricks to speed up your laptop.


Please note: all tips below are for Windows users. If you are OS X users, go to speed up Mac


Free Tip 1: Check and remove malware software. When you download games from some online site, there can be some malicious programs or spyware imbedded thus making your laptop keep freezing. If you have installed an antivirus on your laptop, let it have a full scan. If you don’t have one, try Comodo Anti Virus 2012 to detect and fix all found virus or spyware.


Free Tip 2: Defrag laptop hard disk. There are some disk cleaning or defragment functions within Windows operation system. The tool identifies files that you can safely delete and then enables you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files. Also they help fix found disk bad sectors, clusters etc. After cleaning or defragment, a lot of free disk space will be released.


Free Tip 3: Manage laptop startups. There might be too many unnecessary programs quietly running when you tune your laptop on. Go to “Control Panel” and uninstall those unwanted applications. Or if you try using PC Speed Maximizer to deal with the issue.

Free Tip 4: Make Windows Load Faster. Click “Start”, then “Run” and type in 'msconfig' and press enter. Click on the BOOT.INI tab at the top. Then there will be a box labeled Timeout with 30 in it. Feel free to change the 30 to a 3, now your pc will want to do a restart for changes to take effect.


Free Tip 5: Scan for registry issues. Each time you use your laptop, you can generate many files and errors including those corrupted or damaged registry problems. Registry issues can cause a lot of issues that you may be unaware of such as apps not working properly, services won’t load on functionally etc. In this case, it is recommended to use this program RegCure Pro to find and fix all registry issues.

Free Tip 6: Change a good system protection software. As you know a poor system guard program may take large system resources (such as CPU, RAM etc) when your laptop is on, thus let other programs or services barely survive. If you are comfortable, let PC Health Advisor to guard and protect your laptop system safe.

Free Tip 7: Get a cooling pad with your laptop. Many a time your laptop gets over-heated, especially in Summer seasons. Go buy a cooling pad and let your laptop enjoy some cool wind.


Free Tip 8: Have a good habit. Don’t visit any unfamiliar websites which contains pop-outs, overloaded ads, auto-bomb windows etc. It’s recommended to make some settings on your browser and let it keep an eye on those websites. Don’t download any bad-rating games, applications from unknown sources. Try download them from famous sites such as CNET, PCWorld etc.


Are those free tips useful to speed up your laptop? In a word, as long as you take good care of your laptop, he or she will return some favors for you!