Recover Files after Emptying Windows Recycle Bin


Recycle Bin WindowsBelieve it or not, about 80% Windows users ever accidentally emptied Recycle Bin but later found there are many precious files (photos, documents, folders etc) lay there. Then regret, panic, disappointment etc. rose the moment the click was made. As is known to all, when files deleted from Windows, usually they will go to Recycle Bin and users can open the Bin and right click Restore option to recover them easily. But what if the Trash is also emptied? Is it possible to restore deleted files emptied from Recycle Bin on Windows? The answer is positive, you can always restore emptied Recycle Bin before it is too late.


Why Possible to Restore Files after Emptying Recycle Bin?

As a matter of fact when you empty the Recycle Bin, you don’t really delete the items. Cleaning the bin is just another way to make files or folders “hidden” which means you definitely have chance to restore them. Speaking from technical viewpoint, when you store files on your computer, they are actually saved on specific clusters (contain many sectors) of the hard drive that is attached to your PC. If you delete them by ways of emptying Recycle Bin, Shift + Delete, DOS command delete or other methods to get rid of the files, the file system (usually NTFS) only marks the spaces where those files occupy as “deleted” sign telling the system that those spaces are free now to be overwritten. As a result one day your hard drive volume is almost full, new files will directly take the spaces without any permit. And then your files are totally deleted. 


How to Recover Deleted Files Emptied from Recycle Bin

The most effective way to do this is by using a third-party recycle bin recovery software (see below). Note: the software is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & latest Windows 8.


Easy Drive Data Recovery is such trusted app that is definitely worth for a try. 100% free to try, deep scan & overall recovery capability and preview ability etc make this program award-winning. This program is able to restore those files such as documents (PDF, Office Word, Excel, PPT etc), folders, photos, videos, music and many other types of items from various storage devices not only computer hard drive, but also external media like USB flash, memory card, iPod, digital camera, iPod etc.


Below is a step by step tutorial to help you restore files deleted from Recycle Bin with this data recovery software. Only 3 steps needed before you can see your emptied items again.


STEP 1: Free download and install the program on your computer. Open the software, you’ll see the main interface as below.

STEP 2: Highlight the drive which your deleted files originally located and then click Next button, now the program will start to scan the partition for the items. After the scanning, there would be a list of partitions. Then there will be a lot of found files shown on the panel.

STEP 3: Preview the found files, see if they are right what you have emptied from Recycle Bin. Then click the button Recover to get them fully recovered.


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