How to Fix HP Bluetooth Device Drivers Issue


HP Bluetooth driver download

The Problem:

I don’t know if someone else ever suffered similar problem. The issue is related with using Bluetooth on my HP pavilion g7 laptop. It says that "Bluetooth radio device is not available". I really don’t know what to do. My Pavilion notebook is running with Microsoft Windows 7 operation system. Hope you can help me fix the trouble. Thank you so much.


The Solution:

The most possible reason responsible for the issue is lack of correct HP Bluetooth drivers. Note: in computing, a device driver is a computer program that operates or controls a particular type of device that is attached to a computer. If you have already installed the drivers, then it might be corrupted or outdated. Most of the time, re-installing the correct drivers will make the Bluetooth run smoothly again.


Note: before troubleshooting bluetooth issues, disconnect the device to delete the connection settings, get the below software to auto detect & update drivers for your HP Pavilion laptop.


HP Bluetooth Drivers


Driver Detective makes updating your HP Bluetooth drivers a breeze! Simply download and the software scans your system locating outdated and missing drivers for your PC and all connected devices. With ultra fast scan times, advanced backup options, Windows 7 restore wizard plus an advanced matching algorithm, you'll never have to worry about locating or updating drivers again! Initial free scan informs you of all out of date drivers on your system, paid upgraded version allows you to download drivers directly from the software.


Still the problem persists? Try these steps:

The primary & key thing you need to do is try your best to get water out of your phone rapidly. Here are a couple of simple steps to get that done if your iPhone 5 gets water damaged.

  • Use the device troubleshooter in Windows 7. Read the remainder of this document for information about resolving general Bluetooth problems.
  • Since Bluetooth is part of the Windows operating system, if the specific problem is not covered in this document, go to Microsoft web site and search for the specific error message.
  • Be sure the device has at least 50% of its battery charge remaining or that it is connected to AC power. For example, be sure that cell phones have at least 50% charge remaining and that printers are plugged in.


Still not working? Then the Add a Device wizard can automatically detect your Bluetooth device or identify the problem. Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on and in discovery mode. To learn how to make your Bluetooth device discoverable, check the instructions that came with your device. Run the Add a device wizard by following these steps.

1. Click Start, enter add in the search field and select Add a device from the list. The wizard searches for devices to add to the computer.

2. Once your Bluetooth device has been detected, you are able to add the Bluetooth device to your HP computer.


This way should help you get rid of the HP Bluetooth not working problem. Just enjoy!