Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive


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Ever formatted your PC or external hard drive unintentionally without backing up the data? Or the HDD became faulty or corrupted and you had to format it? Is it possible to recover files from formatted hard disk drive? Hopefully with the powerful data recovery software, unformatting formatted hard disk for lost data can be an easy & quick job. You don’t have to send your PC or HDD for technical services because you can do this at home using your own computer, by relying on this hard drive unformat software.


  • Retrieve data after reformat or reinstalling Windows.

  • Get back data from formatted, partition error, faulty, crashed HDD.

  • Rescue files such as documents, photos, video music, email etc from RAW hard drives.

  • Recover files deleted from PC hard drive, for example emptying Recycle Bin.

  • Not only hard disk drive, but other storage devices such as USB, floppy disk, camera memory card etc.


Version: 3.0       Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 & Mac OS X     Language: English, French, Spanish...

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Below is a step by step tutorial under Windows on how to use the data recovery software to unformat a formatted HDD and recover lost files such as Office documents, emails, pictures, movies, music and more. If you are Mac OS X users, please see Mac hard drive recovery for the guide.


Note: if you are using an external drive say a portable WD Essential or Seagate FreeAgent etc, please connect it to your PC first of all.


STEP 1: Install the data recovery app on your computer. Open the software, see main interface like below. Highlight the drive (you want to recover formatted files from) and click "Next" button to continue.

STEP 2: A scanning process will be performed in order to search the selected drive or partition for your lost files. Note: if you want to find as many files as possible, don’t click “skip Raw search”. Consumed time depends on the volume of the HDD, so patience is needed if you have a really large hard drive say 500GB or 1TB etc.

STEP 3: After scan, preview found files from the directory tree on the left part of software panel. And recover those wanted ones. Save them to the folder on another partition or another HDD available. Note: don’t save retrieved files back to the source drive in case partial data overwritten.


Why recovering formatted hard drive is possible?

When you formatted your PC hard drive or an external HDH, the data (contained in the files) on the disk are not fully wiped out during every complete format or high-lever format option. As a matter of fact, the area on the disk containing the data is merely marked as available, and retains the old data until it is overwritten. As is very clear, as long as the data are not fully occupied, chances of formatted hard drive recovery can be quite high. Note: If the hard drive is formatted with a different file system (such as from FAT to NTFS), then some data may be overwritten.


As a result, before you use the above HDD unformat tool to perform formatted hard drive recovery, it is very important that you should not continue to use the drive to store more files, meanwhile if possible put the drive in a comfortable & secure place to avoid any chances of suffering physical damage or hardware issues.

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