How to Recover Lost Files from USB Flash Drive


USB Flash DriveQuestion 1: How to recover deleted files from my USB drive?

"I just deleted a couple of really urgently-needed files off my usb flash drive. This was done when I connected it to my computer which runs Windows. Can I restore the deleted files from the Recycle Bin or any way to undo it from the USB? Please tell me a way to recover the deleted files. " – Anna from U.S.


Question 2: Any way to recover formatted USB flash drive?

"My flash drive is working abnormally and shows some format errors saying the drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now. So I formatted it without much thinking. The worst thing is I don’t have backup on the drive. Is it possible to recover data from formatted USB?" – Jimmy from Canada.


It seems such data loss happens here and there in daily life for USB flash drive carriers. Common belief thinks there is no way to perform USB recovery once the drive got deleted or formatted due to human error. Is that correct? Absolutely not, the fact is you have almost 99% chances to recover lost files from USB flash as long as the user do the right things. Deletion or format (quick format or complete format) is just another way to make files “hidden”. Why? Because that’s what data recovery software is called for.

How to Perform Data Recovery from USB Flash Drive

Like what has been said, by relying on a USB flash drive data recovery program users can retrieve USB files deleted, formatted or lost due to any reasons provided that the data contained in the files are not overwritten (by new data) which means you’d better immediately stop using the flash drive in case you may ruin the chances of data recovery.


USB Data Recovery Software

The comprehensive yet most powerful program is able to recover lost data (docs, photos, movies, archives, emails, etc) from USB stick from overall data loss situations. It can also recover files from other external removable media such as flash drive, memory card formatted with FAT or NTFS file system. The program performs read-only process and can be run under Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X 10.8/10.7/10.6 operation system.


How to Recover Files from USB

Here is a tutorial for Windows users to perform USB flash file recovery. For Mac OS X users, please go to USB flash drive recovery Mac for more information.


STEP 1: connect your USB flash drive to your computer that has installed that USB recovery program. Open the software, you’ll see the interface as below. Choose one recovery mode based on how your files are lost from USB drive.


STEP 2: highlight the drive which your flash drive represents, click next button to start scan. Then the program will go to the scanning process. Just wait for a little while.

STEP 3: preview and fully recover the found files. After the scanning is finished, you can see a lot files found and listed on the panel. Simply select and click Recover to get your USB files fully recovered.

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