How to Recover Data from Android Phone


AndroidAs is known to all that Android OS has made cell phone much smarter than before, thus has been many phone users’ NO1 choice. However things are android data loss seem also more common than before. The reasons cause such data loss vary a lot, from human mis-operations (press delete, format or factory reset option by accident) to technical errors such as the phone is water damaged or broken to pieces etc. These cases are really not rare as you might find nearby people suffer occasionally. Question is any possibility to recover those deleted files such as photos, video chips or music songs from an Android phone?


Well, different people may give different answer. Some say once you deleted the files or damage the phone, then everything including data will be gone for good. While some others may say it is quite possible as there are many data recovery agencies or specialists claim they can do Android data recovery. So which side is right or should be trust?


Virtually, we can't guarantee that the recovery posibility is 100%, surprising? As a matter of fact, chances of Android file recovery depends on where those deleted photo, video or music files originally located.


Android Data Recovery (from internal memory)

If they were saved on the internal phone memory, then the answer is YES and chances of data recovery can be high as long as the data contained in the files are not overwritten or damaged. The Android data recovery program will assist you to recover not only photos, but also SMS text messages and Contacts. Note: before using the software, make sure that your Android phone or tablet can be switched on and detected by your personal computer. And the battery is no less than 20%. The program supports any devices running above Android OS 2.3 or above.


Android Data Recovery (from memory card)

If they were saved on the external memory (or mass memory card) of your Android phone, then the Photo Recovery software may help. It offers both Windows & Mac versions to help recovering recovering those deleted, formatted or lost pictures, videos and music from your Android based phones such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC Android, Google Nexus, Motorola Atrix etc. Strong data recovery ability, easy to use interface etc will let you get lost data from Android external memory on Mac machine without any hassles. So if your lost files are mostly photos, movies or audio files, taking a try of the photo recovery app is recommended. It is very fast, easy to use.


3 Steps to Recover Photos from Android Phone

When you are taking the Android recovery program to rescue data, here is a step by step guide that should do some help. Note: before recovery, it is highly recommended not to save or edit data on your Android phone memory in case data overwritten may happen.


Preparation: Connect your Android phone to a computer. Generally you have 2 options: via a USB cable, or use a card reader to load the mass memory card and insert to your PC or Mac. Note: when you connect and mount the phone via USB. Try doing like this: go to "Settings" -> "Wireless&Wifi" -> "USB Tools" -> Connect USB mass storage to PC and then plugging your Android device into the computer.

  • #Step 1: Download and install the recovery program on your PC.
  • #Step 2: Start to scan your Android phone memory for lost files. The process may take quite a few minutes. Just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • #Step 3: Preview & recover the found files easily.


Android phone won’t be recognized?

If your phone (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3) won’t even be detected when connected. Obviously the phone is not equipped with UMS mode (USB Mass Storage). Therefore, the software won’t pick up the device as a mounted drive. To solve the problem, please see this blog article on how to enable UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode.

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