Motorola Mobile Phone Data Recovery


Recover Photos from Motorola Droid

The Motorola phones (such as DROID X, Atrix Unlocked etc) are perfectly balanced through the combination of latest multimedia technology and Android platform. It can be regarded as a business phone as well as a digital camera, which means you can take some precious photographs. However, the problem is – have you ever suffered data loss from your handy Motorola phone due to either human errors or phone memory card malfunction?

  • Deleted some photos or videos using wrong operation “cut” instead of “copy” in data transferring process.
  • You pulled the removable MicoSD card out from running Motorola phone, later some files just lost for no reason.
  • Accidentally formatted or reset the memory card, without backing up the valuable pics or songs.
  • The mass memory stick inside your Motorola phone is corrupted, with all data inaccessible.
  • Failed to transfer media files from the phone to a Windows or Mac computer, with some not delivered and those pictures can't be found either in the Android phone or the computer.


Is it still possible to recover media files from Motorola phone?

Well, chances of data recovery exist no matter how your photos (or movies, music) get lost due to any of the above causes. Actually each Motorola mobile phone (as selling on the market) is equipped with a small piece of memory card or stick, all your generated items such as pics, video chips are saved on it. The fact is - when you delete the files or format the card, the data inside are not removed immediately. What happens is that the space where those media content originally take is now marked as free, which means new data can occupy.


As a result, to increase the chance of recovery, the first thing you should do is to stop using your Motorola mobile to take further pics or generate more data.


How to recover photos, videos or songs from Motorola?

To get the job done, the most effective way is to opt for a third-party photo recovery program which performs read-only operations.


Photo Recovery from Motorola Phone Internal Memory

If your erased or lost items were saved on your Motorola phone internal memory, then this Android data recovery program is the right option for you. It lets you directly scan your Samsung phones to retrieve deleted messages, contacts, video and photos as long as they're not overwritten by new files. It offers you a full list of tutorials about how to get back all your inaccessible files in a few steps. Note: currently the program is only available for Windows version. That means you need to find a PC to run it. Then connect your Motorola Android phone to that PC and start seeking for recoverable items.


Photo Recovery from Motorola Phone Memory Card

The digital photo recovery software is more than a image rescue tool, as it can also retrieve your erased or lost movies and songs. It uses advanced data recovery algorithms for better recovery chances from various cases. It supports all Motorola smartphones & Android phones such as Droid RAZR, ATRIX, PHOTON, DEFY, Milestone, ELECTRIFY, ADMIRAL, XPRT, Titanium, Triumph, i867 etc. Both Windows(7, Vista, XP) & Mac OS X (10.4 or above, including latest Mountain Lion) versions are provided to fully facilitate. After only 3 steps: connect -> scan -> recover, and your lost multimedia files will be alive again.


Step 1: Connect your Motorola phone or the mass memory card to your PC or Mac computer. Then free download and install the recovery tool on your computer.

Step 2: Run the software, select the drive (your Motorola phone represents) and click “Start Scan” to continue.

Step 3: When the scan is over, preview the found photos, videos, music. All files are listed in a category. Then press “Recover” button and save found files to the desired destination.


Tip - to avoid partial data overwritten, it is recommended that you save undeleted items to another disk rather than your Motorola phone (memory).