Make PC Run Faster

Try the pc speed up software to let your PC run fast like it is new.


How can you make a slow PC run fast? Well, there are quite a lot of ways to complete the task. In the past, you need to check it from one part to another because you might have no idea what problems are catching with your PC and let it slow. As a result, making a computer run faster can be not that efficient. However, with the PC speed up tool, things can be changed dramatically as it helps diagnose & fix all your PC issues and make it run faster simply by making several clicks.


make pc faster
  • 5 minutes are enough to complete the task and make your PC much faster.
  • Safe guard to your PC and make it virus-free and secure.
  • Optimization tools to clean all errors, privacy, issues and make PC hard drive tidy.
  • Startup managers help make your PC boot up fast or shut down quickly.
  • More advanced utilities within to let your PC run better like it is new.
  • Fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.


Note: for Mac OS X based computer, please try Speed up Mac

Version: 3.0          Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8       Language: English

Make Your PC Faster – 3 Simple Steps

With SpeedyPC Pro, even a PC newbie can fulfill the task and make any slow-running computer run much faster in a 3 easy steps, requiring no tech skills & no time or energy wasting.


Step 1 - download the software for free and install it on your PC. Open the program and click to button to start scanning your slow or freezing PC.

Step 2 – wait a little while before the process is complete, then you can see a diagnostic report displaying on the software panel. Check the items one by one or simply click the “Fix All” option.

Step 3 – After all the issues have been resolved, restart your PC and test whether it is running much faster then before.



More helpful free tips to help make PC faster - the best way to make your PC error-free and fast is to form a good habit and to take good care of the computer. If you want to play some games or watch videos online, make sure you exit other unneeded applications or services. If you don’t want your PC burn too much, buy a cooling pad or think of some other good methods to let it enjoy some wind. Other free tricks including clean the PC screen or keyboard regularly (to make sure no dust is covering on it), uninstall those poor system protection programs (such as antivirus, spyware-remover etc) that take too much system resources, use Windows internal utilities to defrag your hard drive after a certain period of time etc. In a word, treat your PC as your mate and surely it will run faster and let you do things smoothly.