Mac Cleaner

Software to make your Mac OS X system run faster in 1 click.


Mac system cleaner or registry cleaner for Mac belongs to one of the sub-functions of the 16-in-1 Mac cleaning software. It enables Mac users to let their Mac machines run more smoothly and faster by cleaning those unnecessary caches, registry, system junk files and certain kind of unneeded applications & services etc. The Mac cleaning utility is completely risk-free and easy to use with highly interactive graphical user interfaces.

  • Find and securely clean any useless files (Caches, Logs, system Junks etc) that affect your Mac's performance.
  • Completely remove unwanted applications by just 'Drag and Drop' operation.
  • Able to preview certain kind of files before cleaning Mac system.
  • Clean all harmful files that threaten your privacy.
  • Schedule to perform Mac clean tasks automatically at a specified time.
  • 100% compatible with the latest OS X Mountain Lion.

Version: 2.4            Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8           Language: English and more

How to Clean Mac System with the Mac Cleaner

Using the software to clean your Mac system is pretty easy. Please see the following step by step guide to get started if necessary. Note: anytime you can stop the application and change the preference settings. Then through ‘Rescan’ option, it can restart the scanning of your Mac drive with changed Preferences.


>> Download and install the Mac cleaner tool on your Mac machine.

>> Launch the application and select 'Start Scan’ option or click the Fast Cleanup button on the left. You can also select the volume to be cleaned.

>> Set ‘Preferences’ for Fast Cleanupand then click ‘OK’ to confirm. This will search all the large files, language files, duplicate files, etc as per selected in Preference. Note: If you have not changed the preferences settings then the scanning will be done on the basis of previous settings.

>> Click ‘Continue’ button. A message box with two buttons namely ‘Show Scan Result’ and ‘Clean Up’ will be displayed. Select ‘Show Scan Result’ to see the result of the scanning, or click the later option to start cleaning up of selected volume.

>> A warning message will occur indicating you to back up important data. Select the required options if you want. Lastly start the Mac cleaning procedure. Done!


Why Mac Users Need The Mac System Cleaner Tool?

As is known to all, any Mac machine can get slow over a period of time because undoubtedly gather tons of applications and files such as unwanted files, unused applications, duplicate multimedia files, multiple copies of same file in your iTunes library, old iChat logs, log files, mail downloads, browser caches etc. All those useless files or junks will eat up those free disk spaces of your Mac system, thus making your machine freeze or work extremely slow. In this case, the Mac registry cleaner will greatly help you out with 16 useful tools to improve your Mac OS X performance and make your Mac more secure.

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