LG Android Phone Data Recovery

Get back accidentally deleted or lost files from your handy LG smartphone.


Nowadays with Android operating system integrating into most LG series phones, you can hold your lovely phone to do a lot of things such as shooting photos, sending messages and sharing tons of fantastic moments online. But believe it or not, losing data here or there with LG phone users happens frequently particularly when you give your device to your kids who can touch anything stored on the phone. No matter how your important data get lost, here is an easy yet reliable Android data recovery program you might need to recover the lost items.

LG Android Phone
  • Able to retrieve a variety of file formats including text messages, personal contacts, call history, pictures, videos, and more from both internal phone memory and mass memory card.
  • Rescue data when your LG phone has undergone factory reset, water damage or SIM card corruption etc.
  • Fully compatible with all LG series phones such as LG Optimus, Ally, Connect, Esteem, Enlighten, Ignite, Lucid, Marquee, myTouch, Nexus, Nitro, Phoenix, Prada, Proclaim, Revolution, Spectrum, Thrill, Thrive, Viper, Vortex, etc.
  • Secure and risk-free as the program performs read-only processes.


Version: 2.0           Supported OS: Windows & Mac        Language: English

"A friend came to visit me and her kid was very interested in my phone’s game. I gave it to her without thinking too much about what she might do. As a consequence, a lot of my personal Contacts and messages were wiped out. The worse thing was that I hadn’t done any backups. Any ideas what to do to get those items back? They can’t be lost, otherwise I’ll be killing myself!!!"


How to Get Back Lost Data from LG Phone?

Those removed files should be stored somewhere on your phone memory or the SIM card, so in order to avoid further data written over, the key thing you’d better do is stop creating new messages or adding new Contacts. Then follow the below step by step guide to try recovering the lost items.


STEP 1 : Free download the above data recovery application and install it on your PC computer which runs with Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system.

STEP 2 : Launch the program and follow the on-screen tips to connect your LG phone to your computer, and enable USB Debugging mode if possible.

STEP 3 : Start analyzing your LG phone to seek for your lost data. If they are indeed found, preview and recover them. That's it.