JPEG Recovery Software for Windows & Mac OS X


recover JPG files"Please help me with viewing my JPG images. I just transferred a batch of fresh files (with extension .jpeg) from my digital device to my Windows 7 PC. When I attempted to double click to view them, about 50% of these got something wrong. They seemed to be split into two or three parts and become severely blur. How can I get them repaired and make them normal?"


JPEG is the most common image format that is widely used to store photos/pictures nowadays. There are so many advantages for this special (.jpg) photo formats, of which is that it takes less volume to store more data. However, chances are there when you accidentally removed JPEG files off your computer (by emptying Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash), digital camera, iPod, cell phone, USB, memory card, memory stick etc. Or the JPEG photos become badly damaged or corrupted and look blurring. Is there any way to recover deleted or corrupt JPEG (.jpg) files?


Read on for how to perform JPEG recovery with photo recovery software. Note: the recovery programs below recover not only JPG files, but also other media file formats from various storage devices.


Common JPEG Loss or Corruption Scenarios

  • Deleted JPEG photos after emptying computer Recycle Bin or Trash.
  • Accidentally deleted taken pictures off digital cameras by pressing wrong button.
  • Formatted memory card or disk drive which contains a batch of JPG files.
  • Storage media (hard drive, memory card, USB drive etc.) corrupted, causing those JPEG images inaccessible.
  • JPG photos shown as RAW or split into two parts, shift in photo content etc.
  • Other JPEG loss or damage situations.


If you meet any of the above problems, then JPEG recovery software (see below) is right what you need as they will help you recover deleted or corrupted JPEG images.


JPEG Repair Software

Picture Doctor is a powerful jpeg repair tool for damaged graphic files. The program can recover corrupt JPG and restore the corrupted graphic files and save them into BMP format. The software is specialized image recovery software that upkeeps the corrupted part of the jpg image like header and recovers the corrupted jpg file to its original format making the user admittance to that file once again.


JPEG Photo Recovery Tools

The easy-to-use software can recover deleted or lost JPEG photos from formatted, corrupted storage devices including digital camera, iPod, memory card, USB drive etc, having JPEG or JPG file extension without modifying their original data. Preview functions enable you to see those found JPG files in advance. What you can see is what you can get. The PC version is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, while the Mac supports Mac OS X 10.4 or above platforms including latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


Recover JPEG Files Step by Step Tutorials

STEP 1: Download the program (of the above JPG recovery software) on your PC or Mac computer. Connect the device where your deleted or damaged JPEG photos previously located. Select the drive and then click Next button to continue.

STEP 2: Select the photo types (JPEG or other file types) you want to recover. Then let the program give a free scan the drive to find your deleted or corrupted photos including .JPG format.

STEP 3: Preview and recover found JPEG files and then save them to another drive. Done!


Please Note: if you want to raise chances of JPG recovery, please DO NOT save more data or take more photos to your device before those deleted or corrupted JPG files are recovered. Also please save the recovered files to another drive in case parts of the found files are overwritten.

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