iPhone SMS Recovery Software

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone easily & quickly.


If you are an iPhone user who often send & receive text messages, then probably you have suffered similar iPhone SMS loss situations: you deleted some messages that you didn’t want to erase; all your SMS got lost after iTunes sync; your iPhone got stolen/damaged/lost with all messages and files forever inaccessible. Thought there's no way to get those text messages back? That’s common belief! The fact is – you CAN undelete or restore them with an iPhone SMS recovery program.

  • undelete iPhone SMSWorld’s 1st iPhone SMS text message recovery software.
  • Retrieve SMS messages even your iPhone is lost, restored to factory setting, write screen or unable to power on etc.
  • Besides SMS, it can also help to find Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Call History, as well as lost photos and videos.
  • Support iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S & latest iPhone 5.
  • Perform read-only procedure, won’t do any damage to your iPhone or the data stored.


Version: 2.0         Supported OS: Windows & Mac       Language: English, French (Français), German (Deutsch)

Why is it possible to recover deleted text messages on iPhone?

As is known to all that iPhone (or other iOS based devices) uses quite different storage mechanism compared with general storage media such as hard drive, removable disk etc. All generated data are stored on the internal flash memory other than expanded storage through a memory card slot, or the SIM card etc. So many people think there is no way to recover the text messages once they are erased by accident.


However, there is another important feature for iPhone. Each time you sync your iPhone via iTunes, all previous data (including your SMS) will be automatically backed up by iTunes. And they are stored as a .sqlitedb file, which is not viewable or taken out unless you use some specific trick. As a result the iPhone data recovery software comes alive, help right in this case when you deleted or lost SMS (& other files).


How to recover deleted or lost SMS from iPhone?

With the iPhone data rescue program, your lost SMS can be got back in just a few simply steps. Please note: the app needs to rely on a PC to work. So you need to install it on your computer first of all.


Meanwhile, there are 2 featured modes (as you can see in the below image) inside the software. Please choose the right mode to continue.

>>“Directly Recover from iOS Device” - this mode can be used when your iPhone (3GS/4) can power on normally. And it requires you to connect the phone to your PC as well.

>>“Recover from iTunes Backup File” – this mode can be run without requiring you to connect the iPhone. Simply install it and it will scan your computer to find recoverable SMS and other iphone items.


The following is live step by step guide on how to restore iPhone text messages under Windows . For Mac OS X users, please go to Data Recovery for iTunes for the tutorial.


STEP 1 : Launch the iPhone SMS restore utility, choose a recovery mode and then highlight the iphone (you want to undelete messages from) to continue. Note: the "Recover from iOS Device" mode is now available for all current iPhones.


STEP 2 : After you click “Start Scan”, an automatic scanning process will be executed. Soon a list of recoverable items will be displayed on the screen.


STEP 3 : Check the “Messages” option and see if those SMS you want to recover are there. If yes, then select & recover them easily.