iPhone 4S SMS Recovery

Quickly restore your deleted or lost iPhone 4S text messages.


It happens that you might accidentally delete some important SMS messages off your iPhone 4S. But you may still have access to them by downloading an iPhone data recovery program that will help you directly recover them or extract iTunes backups to restore indirectly. And with a few simple steps, your removed SMS can be alive again. Note: do make sure you regularly backup those important data just in case you might suffer similar experience again.

  • Not only text messages, but other files like Contacts, photos, notes, call history, etc can be found back from iPhone 4S.
  • Directly retrieve your lost files from your phone, once connected as illustrated.
  • Extract iTunes backup files & restore your iPhone 4S messages, without needing you to connect the device.
  • Rescue data even if your iPhone 4S is broken, lost, damaged or unable to power on.
  • NO professional skills needed to perform.
  • 100% read-only, risk-free program.


Version: 2.0       Supported OS: Windows & Mac      Language: English, French (Français), German (Deutsch)

I have an iPhone 4S and a couple of days ago, I borrowed it to my friend. Today she is really upset that she just deleted some text messages by mistake. And I'm wondering if there anyway of getting them back? I’ve already call Apple Support and they couldn’t help. I really don’t want to lose those valuable SMS sent from my girlfriend. Please help.

SMS messages remain on the iPhone after deletion. When “deleted”, they are technically hidden and marked for deletion. Text messages are then deleted only after sync with iTunes. With the iPhone data recovery tool, they can be easily recovered.


How to Restore Text Messages from iPhone 4S

Below is step by step guide on how to retrieve your iPhone 4S SMS messages a Windows based PC . If you are an OS X user, please turn to Data Recovery for iTunes .


STEP 1 : Download and install the app on your computer. Connect your iPhone 4S. Then click “Start Scan” to continue. Note: the "Recover from iOS Device" mode is not available for iPhone 4S up till far.


STEP 2 : Now it will scan your device to seek for those recoverable items (such as SMS, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Photos etc).


STEP 3 : Preview and recover the found text messages. Import them back to your iPhone 4S if necessary.