iPad Notes Recovery Software

Retrieve your accidentally deleted or lost notes from iPad on PC


If you just accidentally deleted some notes from your iPad, recovering them can be as simple as re-syncing your data with iTunes. Because syncing an iPad with iTunes serves purposes beyond simply backing up music and other multimedia on the device. However, if you don’t have iTunes backup, don’t worry, those notes can be quite possibly restored with an iPad Notes recovery program. Here are some critical features of the software.

iPad notes recovery
  • Recover not only iPad notes, but many other file types such as photos, videos, Contacts, Messages etc.
  • Rescue iPad notes even if your device is crashed, smashed, broken, lost or unable to be turned on.
  • Support iPad 1, 2, New iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air.
  • The app can be worked under Windows & Mac OS X.
  • Now it is fully compatible with iTunes 11.1.


Version: 3.5          Supported OS: Windows & Mac       Language: English, Français, Deutsch

Just image this: you are working on a story on your New iPad, but somehow it accidentally got removed. In this case you can you can restore it as the last backup you made - with the notes on it if you synced your iPad to your computer before the notes got deleted. But if you never made a backup, then you’ll need to rely on a third-party app to recover your iPad notes.

How to Recover Notes from iPad with Software

Below is a step by step instructions on how to perform iPad note recovery on a Windows computer . For Mac OS X users, turn to Mac iTunes Data Recovery instead .


Before you get started, please download the free trial version on your computer. Try it for free!


STEP 1 : After installing the application, run it. The main interface as follow will appear. You’ll see two main recovery modes "Directly Recover from iOS Device" & "Recover from iOS Device". If your iPad is good and can be powered normally, choose the former mode; If your iPad is lost or damaged, choose the later mode. Note: in the extracting mode, you don’t have to connect your iPad to your PC.

STEP 2 : Let the program start scan your iPad to seek for recoverable items (such as Notes, photos, Contacts, media files etc) as soon as you've already entered the DFU mode.

STEP 3 : Now preview the found Notes and get them recovered with ease!