iMessage Recovery

Easily restore your deleted iMessage thread, items for iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Mac.


iMessage is a great service designed by Apple that allows users to send texts, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over iOS users. It is now accessible through the Messages app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5 or later or on a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later. The problem is - some users might accidentally deleted or lost some messages off iMessage due to reasons like iOS updating, sync failure, human errors etc. In this case, a third-party iMessage recovery program might help you out and get back your iMessage items.

iPhone iMessage recovery
  • Not only iMessage items, but contacts, SMS, calendars, notes, call records, voice memos, etc can be restored.
  • Retrieve iOS or Mac iMessages after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory settings restore etc.
  • Salvage data when your device is smashed, crashed, broken or lost.
  • Support iOS based iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad Air/Mini/4/3/2, & iPod Touch 5.
  • 100% risk-free as it the program performs read-only procedures, won’t damage or write data to your Apple devices.


Version: 3.5       Supported OS: Windows/Mac      Language: English, French (Français), German (Deutsch)

"I accidentally wiped out an important iMessage thread off my iPhone 4S and now I need to get it back. Usually I sync my Phone with iTunes on my Mac twice a week. How do I get that iMessage item back? By the way, if possible I also want to recover other lost files besides the iMessages. Is this possible?"


Yes, it is quite possible. The fact is - everything in your iOS devices have been automatically backed up by iTunes when you sync data via it, though you can't view the backup file, nor only restore the iMessage content from it. However, with the help of a third-party iMessage recovery software, the job can be done without involving too much hassles.


How to Recover Deleted Messages from iMessage?

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to undelete iMessage data. Please note: before you start, free download and install the app on your computer.


STEP 1: After installing and launching the program, you'll get a list of all the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) that are synced with your Mac’s current copy of iTunes. Highlight a device to continue.

STEP 2: After the scanning, you’ll immediately be able to view thumbnails of all files (including the messages for iMessage) previously synced to iTunes from that device.

STEP 3: After you’ve completed selecting all the files you want to recover, just click Recover in the menu bar next to the Back button.