Recover Huawei Phone Data

Most effective way to get back your deleted or lost Huawei Android device items.


Huawei is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. Its smart phones based Android OS have gained preferences during recent years. The Ascend P2 is highly praised as the world’s fastest 4G LTE phone. Other models such as M920, U8652 etc are also popular. However, even a perfect phone can’t stop its users from losing data here or there. Accidental deletion, phone memory card corruption etc contribute to the suffering. But with the android data recovery software, most of the lost files (including photos, videos, SMS, Contacts, music etc) can be regained.

Huawei Ascend smartphone
  • Undelete your mistakenly erased items.
  • Recover lost data from the phone mass memory card for inaccessible files.
  • Support a large variety of Huawei phones such as Ascend G510/Y300/P2/W1/D2/G600 etc & Ascend X; Huawei M835/M886/M920/U8652/U8651T; HUAWEI Honor, Vision, Sonic, Boulder, IDEOS X3 and more.
  • Note: due to the nature of phone data recovery, it is almost impossible to get back all your lost data.
  • Also note: the program works under Windows or Mac OS X other than under Android OS.


Version: 2.0           Supported OS: Windows & Mac        Language: English

"I have an old Huawei mobile phone which is built with Android 2.0. A couple of days ago when I reset my phone, I unintentionally reformatted the mass memory without noticing that all my saved photos are gone. Can you help me restore them?"


How to Recover Photos from Huawei Phone

Chance to perform image recovery from the phone can be high if you act as soon as possible. But pay attention before you get started. The first thing you should keep in mind – DO Stop using your device to generate any new data, otherwise you can ruin the chance of recovery.


Then follow the step by step tutorial to get back your Xperia photos or videos.


STEP 1 : Download and install the Android data recovery app on your PC or Mac. Then connect your Huawei cell phone.

STEP 2 : Follow the guide to enable USB Debugging mode and let the program have a surface scan of your phone memory to look for recoverable items.

STEP 3 : Check the found files and recover those your want.