Disk Clone for Mountain Lion

Efficiently clone Mac disk & volumes to backup useful data on OS X 10.8.


Looking for a Mac hard drive image software which is compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion platform? You come to the right place, with this nice program, you can easily create a exact replica of any Mac drives, which is useful at the time of upgrading the Mac volume or in case you want to replace the system completely from a new one. Moreover, you can use it freely to take a full backup of the system and restore the OS X to the previous state in case of system crash.

  • Create clone of any Mac based volumes or the entire hard drive to another hard drive, network drive, volume or folder.
  • Clone drives formatted with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition map scheme.
  • Restore the volume to its original state by copying back all the data from the cloned folder or disk image file.
  • Support cloning OS X Mountain Lion boot volume including Recovery HD.
  • Must-have utility to protect your Mac data safe.

Version: 2.0            Supported OS X: Mac 10.4 or above            Language: English

When you just upgrade your Mac system or move to the higher version of Mac (for example, latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion). If you care the data stored on it, it is recommended that you require performing a full backup of your system. Why, because you never know when & what your Mac will be suffering in the long period, if your system is infected with a virus, or the entire Mac just crash down or simply stolen or lost, with the created disk image, You can easily restore data in its original form using this clone of the drive at any later point of time on any Mac machine.


How to Clone Mac Drive on OS X Mountain Lion

STEP 1 : Install the Mac drive image app on your OS X Mountain Lion, click ‘Continue’ to get started.

STEP 2 : Then you should see 4 main clone modes within the software. Select one that best suites your needs.

STEP 3 : Follow the instructions and start imaging targeted Mac volume.