Recover Photos & Media Files from BlackBerry Phone


BlackBerry File Recovery"Please help me retrieve my accidentally erased photos off my BlackBerry Bold 9900. Those media files are supposed to be transferred to my personal computer. But the process is not successful and before I realize that, I have already deleted all them by pressing the delete option on the phone. Now I am wondering if there are any free data recovery software for my BlackBerry cell phone that can help undelete the missing files?" - a BB phone user


Have you ever suffered similar experience with BlackBerry data loss and want to get back the lost files (such as photos, videos, songs etc)? More scenarios can be seen as below:

  • Unintentionally reset BlackBerry phone and formatted the removable memory card;
  • Deleted some important pictures or videos by accident;
  • BlackBerry external memory card is corrupted and can’t be used again;
  • Virus infected the Blackberry mass memory and turned all files into shortcuts;
  • The memory card is showing errors, leaving all data inaccessible.


Is it possible to recover deleted files off BlackBerry phone?

If you're reading this article, probably you hope the answer is "Yes". And the real answer is – YES! It is highly possible to perform data recovery from BlackBerry smartphone (on a PC or Mac) provided that you take the right steps. Firstly – stop worrying as people accidentally erase phone pictures all the time due to simply human error, hardware issues or something you did on purpose that you later regretted, but there is a way to restore your deleted BlackBerry phone photos, videos & other multimedia files.


Why? No matter what BlackBerry series (Curve, Bold, Storm, Pearl, Tour, Electron etc) you are using, each phone should be holding a mass memory card (MicroSD /MiniSD /SDHC), which is used to store your taken images, videos or audio files. When you make the delete option on your phone, the files are actually deleted from the SD card. However, a simple delete operation is not necessary to permanently wipe out all the data ever stored on the tiny piece of storage device. Because you can rely on a BlackBerry photo recovery software (check below) to get them back easily. What you need to do is just by making a few clicks before your lost files coming alive again.


BlackBerry Media File Recovery Software (for Windows & Mac)

The program can recover photos, videos, music from BlackBerry phone deleted or lost due to "delete", "format", or memory card corruption/error. Besides recovering media files from cell phone, it is also able to retrieve from a digital camera, memory card, iPod or simply PC or Mac computer. It supports all BlackBerry phone models with the capability to insert an external memory card. But it does not support recovering lost files from BlackBerry phone internal memory. Also, due to the nature of data recovery, it does not succeed in every case. Note: the program runs under Windows or Mac OS X, which means you have to connect your phone to a computer first.


#1 : Connect your BlackBerry phone (mass memory card) to a computer (running under Windows or Mac OS X). Then Install the program in order to make a free scan.

#2 : When the scanning process is finished, a lot of media files (photos, videos, music) will be found. Preview them to confirm if they are right those you lost from the BB phone.

#3 : Register the software to activate the recovery function in order to save the found BlackBerry media files.