Toshiba Laptop Slow and Freezes? Reasons Why and How to Fix It

toshiba laptop slow

We all loved the feeling the first time we got our brand new Toshiba, right? It was super fast, and everything seems responds quickly. But over time, it started to slow down.

It's normal for any PC to run slightly slower. However, if your Toshiba became slow in a faster pace, worse yet, it kept freezing and you often had to give it a hard reboot. Then something's wrong.

Why does a Toshiba laptop run slow or keep freezing?

In general, the causes range from system software issues to hardware problems. For a relatively new Toshiba laptop, poor system maintenance is usually the primary reason. For an old one, the outdated hardware is the culprit. Here are some common reasons:

  • You've got virus/malware infection.
  • Too many applications are running at the same time.
  • Your Toshiba lacks enough free RAM.
  • Overloaded web browser plugins, caches, etc.
  • Windows system registry issues or errors.
  • Toshiba hard drive is cluttered with little free disk space available.
  • Your Internet connection signal is weak, making you feel it's your Toshiba's fault.
  • Your laptop is faulty (in rare situations, for brand new ones only).
  • And others.

How to speed up Toshiba laptop: 4 most effective solutions

Solution 1: scan for malicious software and remove them

Typical symptoms of malware and virus infection include Internet slowdown, computer operation lagging. To find out if your Toshiba has such a problem, use BitDefender Antivirus to run a full scan of your laptop system, and then eliminate any potential threats.

Solution 2: use software to fix all Windows system issues

System junks and errors have been notorious for slowing down a PC's performance. Not only they cause software malfunction, but they can also take a big portion of your valuable hard disk space. When your Toshiba hard drive is getting full, the whole system will run like a snail.

Unfortunately detecting and resolving such issues isn't easy. It often requires you do a lot of manual checks and diagnosis. To save time and energy, I recommend you to try IObit Advanced SystemCare — a powerful tool to fix all problems that are slowing down or freezing your Toshiba.

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Solution 3: boost Toshiba performance with hardware upgrade

If you have to deal with many heavy programs on your laptop, think about adding more RAM (random-access memory) because it will give your PC more capability to run more programs at once without suffering freezing/hanging issues.

If you feel the hard drive is under-performing, considering an upgrade to a new SSD (solid-state drive). Experiments have proven that SSDs run much faster and quieter than normal HDDs. Also, replacing an aging hard drive reduces the risk of data loss.

Solution 4: know your Toshiba and give up bad using habits

Treat your laptop as your business partner, take some time to know its power and ability. This way you understand what are the right and wrong things to do. For example, if you are about to install a game on it, hold on a second and ask yourself if it's advanced enough to make sure the game would run smoothly.


Without doubt, working on a slow or freezing Toshiba computer can be frustrating. New study also reveals that a slow computer is bad for human health. When slow PC problems drag on or get worse, the technology becomes a bottleneck that hampers productivity. The above four solutions should have given you some clues on correctly handling Toshiba laptop performance issues.

Let us know if the solutions have helped you out or not. We'd like to hear from you.

Thanks to Tommy for submitting the issue.

"I have a Toshiba laptop (about one year old). It has never given me troubles before. But during the last two days, it keeps freezing to death. I think it must have suddenly been plagued by some random errors that cause programs to stop responding. When it freezes, I am unable to open ANY programs, NOTHING runs; If I already have something open, it still works, it doesn't freeze. Sometimes I can use a ctrl+alt+del combination to force quit the apps, while other times I have to hard-reboot by holding the power button. I'm now starting to get freaking annoyed. Can you help me fix the Toshiba freezes issue?"

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