Acer Laptop Running Slow and Freezing? Fixes Here

Acer laptop slow

All Acer laptops will slow down over time, Aspire One or other models, it doesn't matter. When your Acer PC begins to accumulate more files, install more programs, and loaded with more web browsing histories, etc.

Eventually, it will respond a bit slower than it used to. It is quite normal because everything has got a lifespan.

However, if the slowness comes to a point where you can't even tolerate — for example, it keeps freezing, super slow to start up, watch out. Your Acer might have some issues.

There could be many reasons out there that can lead to Acer slow or freezing problems. Instead of spending time analyze why, I'd prefer to share with you the four best ways to speed up an Acer computer.

Hope you find some of them help. Either way, let's get started!

1. Scan your Acer for viruses and malware

Today, virus, spyware and other types of malware are significant causes of many computer problems, including a slow PC. If your Acer laptop got infected, unfortunately, don't worry. First, go ahead and get BitDefender Antivirus to have a thorough scan of your Acer to eliminate viruses. Then use SpyHunter to do the same thing to hunt for spyware threats.

Pro tip: when you finish the scan, it's recommended that you turn off the real-time monitoring function as this can consume a decent amount of system resources.

2. Close applications and run fewer programs at once

Sometimes, it's not because your Acer wants to run slow but you've got too many programs running at the same time. If your Acer is slow at startup, chances are there are quite a few auto-starters joining the fun when you boot. What to do? Use MSConfig to manage startup items. It's a built-in tool provided by Microsoft for all versions of Windows OS.

Then rely on Task Manager to pinpoint the background "culprits" — applications or processes that are eating lots of system resources such as CPU, RAM (random access memory), etc. Feel free to disable or force quit those suspicious items.

3. Clean up your Acer hard drive

This method works amazingly especially when your Acer is not brand new — meaning your hard disk has been used for a while. A cluttered or almost full hard drive can seriously slow down any computer.

How to clean it up? The most efficient way is to try CleanMyPC — a great PC tune-up utility that does a number of cleanup work for you such as removing system junks, detecting duplicates, uninstalling unused applications, etc. I've been using it, and I am quite happy with the performance it has since brought.

Free Download CleanMyPC to Clean Your Acer Laptop

4. Upgrade hardware

Without doubt, you'll need to take your credit card out of your pocket and purchase some parts, for example, an extra RAM or an SSD (solid-state drive) — yep, SSDs are much faster and reliable than traditional HDDs (hard disk drives). However, you'll get what you pay for, and it still would be a superior option compared to buying a new laptop.

Pro tip: before you start installing new parts, better check this YouTube video or this iFixIt guide for more information.

Now it's your turn

These are the best practices that are likely to truly make an Acer laptop run faster. Are there any other methods or fixes you can try? I’m sure it does. But they might not worth you spending the time doing it because you’ll barely notice any performance boost.

Anyway, let me know if you like the techniques I shared in this article?

Chris Hwang

Chris is a certified computer technician since 2008. He writes everything related to computer issues and loves helping people solve problems. Currently, he's extending his interests into cloud computing.

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