Troubleshooting Bluetooth not Working Issue on HP Pavilion Laptops

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I don't know if other HP laptop users are suffering similar situation related to Bluetooth — I use an HP Pavilion laptop. It says "Bluetooth radio device is not available." I don't know what to do as it doesn't indicate how to fix. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue? P.S. my HP is under Windows 7 operating system.

-- Spencer

The primary cause of the issue is a lack of HP Bluetooth drivers (or the drivers become outdated and need an update).

Technically, a device driver is an application that operates or controls a particular type of hardware device that is attached to a computer. It plays an important role in making sure the device respond correctly and smoothly. If due to some reason, it gets removed or becomes outdated, the device associated with it won't function well.

The best way to fix this kind of bluetooth issue is to use a driver detector to scan and fix related driver issues. We recommend Driver Navigator as we've tried it on our Windows PCs and it works amazingly well.

Free Download Driver Navigator Now

Simply download and install the software on your HP laptop, let it scan the system to find any driver related problems. Then you have a clear view of what the culprit is and quickly fix it next. Note: you may need to restart your HP computer for the fix to take effect.

Still your HP Bluetooth won't work? Try these steps

You can try the "Add a Device" wizard, a Windows function that can automatically detect your Bluetooth device or identify the problem. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is turned on and in discovery mode. To learn how to make your Bluetooth device discoverable, check the instructions on the User Manual that came with your device. Run the Add a device wizard by following these steps.

  1. Click Start, enter the search field and select "Add a device" from the list.
  2. The wizard will then search for devices to add to a computer. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. Once your Bluetooth device is detected, you should be able to use the device properly now.

If you encounter problems in the process, refer to this official HP support article or watch this video tutorial for fixes.

Anyway, let us know if the guide has helped you out. Leave the comment below.

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